Tartarus Mace of the Emperor Set

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Tartarus Mace of the Emperor Set


A long time ago, written in the scrolls by the forefathers of the MU continent, there lived a Dark Lord Emperor, so tyrannical and ruthless that no one dared to defy. He ruled the continent of Mu equipped with his powerful mace, the source of his power, the one that made the Mu continent a lost continent.

Nobody knew where he came from but he was clearly thirsty for power. It is said that when he first came to the MU continent, he immediately summoned his minions to lay waste on it. He was so powerful that he was able to conquer one town after another. He led his army of Dragons and Fenrirs to destroy the Atlas Brave Knights of Lorencia. He was able to defeat Freya of Noria and sieged the Lizard Kings of Atlans. He also defeated the magical powers of Devias’s Alviss Wizards.

As it seemed, all hope was lost for all creatures of the Mu continent, except for one, the kingdom of the clouds ruled by King Garuda and his army of sky warriors. To defeat Garuda and his army he needed to siege the Kingdom of Icarus and enslaved all flying creatures living there. Knowing of this plan, King Garuda and his army were able to prepare for the battle ahead.

Then, the greatest battle in the skies of all Mu continent began. Big Dragons and ruthless Fenrirs were facing the Sky Warriors of King Garuda. Being warned, Garuda had the chance to form an alliance with the Brave Atlas Knights of Lorencia, Fairy Elves of Noria, the Wizards of Devias and the Lizard Kings of Atlans.

The alliance was strong and it gave a massive blow in the dark Lord Emperor’s chain of wins. The dark Lord Emperor was finally defeated.

To completely stop the dark Lord Emperor, the council of Lorencia, the Fairy Elves of Noria, and Alviss Wizards of Devias decided the best punishment for a power seeker: entrapment. This way the Tartarus Mace became the deepest abyss of torment and suffering for the dark Lord Emperor.

By conjuring the magic of the Mu Continent the dark Lord Emperor was thrown into Tartarus. As he was falling towards the deep abyss, full of anger he grabbed the handle of the mace desperately fighting the sucking force of the abyss’s void. Failed in his attempt to escape, he also lost his ring.

Being afraid that the dark Lord Emperor might return, the ring and the mace were separated. The Tartarus Ring of Magic was taken by the Lizard Kings deep in Atlans and the Mace was hidden in the secret corners of the Castle in Valley of Loren.

Three thousand years later after the battle, an oracle of the elves received a vision. She went to Karis, the legendary Argo armor wielder, telling her what she had seen. Fiery fields, burning mountains, and boiling seas will precede the coming of the dark Lord Emperor. The mace and the ring should never become together or havoc will roam in the sky, land, and waters. Together they have the power of summoning the dark Lord Emperor and whoever wields it can inherit its power at the cost of losing one self in the process of restoring the dark Lord Emperor to life.
-lore submitted by TheFearOne in the Winter edition of Wiki Writer Forum Event 2019-2020.

Set Parts and Options

The Tartarus Mace of the Emperor Set consists of Mace and Ring of Magic. The set can be worn by Dark Lord. The ring is available for all classes.

Ancient Options Ring Excellent Full Options Sword Excellent Full Options

Increases Skill Attacking Rate +125
Double Damage Rate 15%
Decreases opponent's defense rating +10%

Increase Max HP +4%
Increase Max Mana +4%
Damage Decrease +4%
Reflect Damage +5%
Defense Success Rate +10%
Increases Zen After Monster +40%

Excellent Damage Rate +10%
Increase Damage +level/20
Increase Damage +2%
Increase Attacking (Wizardry) speed +7
Increases Life After monster +life/8
Increases Mana After monster +Mana/8

Set Parts Details


  • You will need to wear 2 parts of the set, with ancient feature, in order to unlock the full ancient options.
  • Check additional options for information regarding pink options and yellow options.
  • The full excellent options are available only for the Uber Excellent Tartarus Mace of the Emperor Set.
  • Ancient Tartarus Mace of the Emperor items only come with the ancient options.



The Uber Tartarus Mace of the Emperor Set can be bought from “Get Uber Set” link, inside Web Shop Menu at www.infinitymu.net. Also, the Uber Tartarus ring of Magic can be bought as stand-alone item from ”Uber Rings” at the same link.


The Full Options (FO) Tartarus Mace of the Emperor and Tartarus Ring of Magic can be bought from “Get Items” link, inside Web Shop Menu at www.infinitymu.net. You have the option to choose if you want to buy it FO or just ancient with Credits or Gold Credits.

In game, the Excellent Tartarus Mace of the Emperor drops from Kundun and Maya. The Ancient Tartarus Mace of the Emperor Set parts drop from Kundun and the monsters in Land of Trials. Both Ancient and Excellent Maces can be made Semi Uber by adding the necessary jewels. You can check How to make Semi Uber sets if you need any additional information about this process.