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Administrators: RESiSTANT [Wiki Profile]

Head Game Masters: Stan & Dreams

Senior Game Masters: Davido & Nikki

Game Masters: Fero

Head Event Masters: Lelouch

Event Masters: Aragos, #Alin, Sava, Chuk & Ezio

Lead Moderators: DimER

Senior Moderators: Scarlette

Moderators: Syd, Toby, Moorse & Keith

GFX Team Leader: Lelouch

GFX Members: Scarlette

Infinity Star Team: DimER and Cosmetology

Wiki Team: DimER, Keith

InfinityMU relies on its staff to keep running. They do work on the game and forum, work behind the scenes, and they are here to answer your questions and requests. This article aims to give you an overview, who to contact in what case.Everyone is available in the forum almost all the time and have sown a personal contact on skype,email,etc on their pages in the forum.You can always contact them via private message. Being a part of the staff is very hard and responsible.You must not linger in your duties,you must not sit back and do nothing all day,the staff have things do to each minute of each hour of every day,the discipline is immense and when it comes to this,everyone is ready for duty.

Contact Information

In order to contact staff, either:

Beginner's, General Help and Game Problems


Contact RESiSTANT at anytime to get your problem solved.

These users are responsible for the gaming community, along with the others listed. If you have questions about the game, contact them.