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InfinityMU Staff Team Season 3 Server


Administrators: Toby, Dimer

Head Game Masters: DORAEMON

Lead Moderators: Khaled

Head Event Masters: Wintwi

Senior Game Masters: Stan, Luigir

Senior Moderators: Gunner

Senior Event Masters: Gells

Game Masters: Davido, Kona

Moderators: NARD, Sayko, Aga, Dyes

Event Masters: Karna, -SoN-

Honorary Staff: Lelouch

Test Game Masters: Pioxy, Yamete

Test Moderators: -

Test Event Masters: -Callisto-, Lukey, Zeno

InfinityMU relies on its staff to keep running. They do work on the game and forum, work behind the scenes, and they are here to answer your questions and requests.
This article aims to give you an overview, who to contact in what case.
Everyone is available in the forum almost all the time and have shown a personal contact on discord, email, etc on their pages in the forum. You can always contact them via private message.
Being a part of the staff is very hard and responsible. You must not linger in your duties, you must not sit back and do nothing all day, the staff have things do to each minute of each hour of every day, the discipline is immense and when it comes to this, everyone is ready for duty.

Contact Information

In order to contact staff, either:


  • email: [email protected]
  • discord: VENCi#3206
  • skype is now out of use from our administrator! You cannot find him at skype anymore.

Contact VENCi/RESiSTANT at anytime to get your problem solved.

These users are responsible for the gaming community, along with the others listed. If you have questions about the game, contact them.

InfinityMU Staff Roles

• Owner


Owner of the server himself. Server Maintenance; Game / Website Development; Handling donations and finances; Item recovery; Recruits new staff members and elects new staff team leaders.

• Administrator


Staff Team and Community Management / Administration. Oversees the server's growth; Online Support to players, other staff members and their teams; Recruits new staff members and elects new staff team leaders; Provides assistance to the Owner in regards to the community and its problems.

• Head Game Master

IMU-02-HGM 3.gif

Leads the Game Master team, solves game issues, investigates game related issues, provides online game support to players, provides assistance to the Administrator.

• Lead Moderator


Long-time experienced Moderator, who gets to have the leading role in the Moderator Team. He leads & guides the team. Administers the forum, solves forum issues, recruits/elects new forum staff members and leads the Forum Staff Team.

• Head Event Master


They are experienced Event Masters, very close to the current EM TEAM providing support, guidance and evaluation on their activity.

• Senior Game Master

I MU-39- SGMaster.gif

A title granted to experienced Game Master that has been serving and dedicated loyalty to the Community for a certain time. Acts as a right hand of the Head Game Master.

• Senior Moderator


Moderator with more responsibilities and authority than normal Moderators. Acts as a right hand of the Lead Moderator. See more about SMOD responsibilities.

• Senior Event Master


Experienced Event Master, who has been long in the team and is the right hand of the Head Event Master.

• Game Master


iMU's Game Masters forum tag. The Game Master plays a vital role in-game. They keep an eye out for rule violators and host in-game events. Abbreviated name: GM

• Moderator


The Moderator's job is to keep the forums clean from anything that violates the rules. They also handle forum reports. Moderators are in no way connected to any in-game activities, therefore you should not contact them unless it's about anything within the forums. Abbreviated name: MOD

• Event Master


The Event Masters are responsible for hosting Events and weekly Big Events in-game in all sub-server of InfinityMu. They also help the Game Masters. Abbreviated name: EM

• Test Game Master


They are Game Masters on trial period. If they succeed the trial period, they will get promoted to Game Master.

• Test Moderator


They are Moderators still on trial period. If they succeed the trial period they will get promoted to Moderators.

• Test Event Master


They are Event Masters still on trial period. If they succeed the trial period they will get promoted to Event Masters.

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