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The community forums have various user groups and titles/tags given to users for their great achievement, contributions, or for the job they do on the forums.

InfinityMU Staff Tags

• Administrator


Is the iMU's Administrators/Owners forum tag. The administrator's function varies from item recovery, handling donations/finances, recruiting/electing new staff members and game/website development. This is the highest and most important function.

• Lead Moderator


An experienced Moderator who has been in the team for a long time and gets to have the leading role in the Moderators team. He leads and guides the team. He also does administrator tasks in the forum. Check what you need in order to become one.

• Senior Game Master

I MU-39- SGMaster.gif

A title granted to experienced Game Master that has been serving and dedicating to iMU Community for certain time. Abbreviated name: SGM

• Game Master


iMU's Game Masters forum tag. The Game Master plays a vital role in-game. They keep an eye out for rule violators and host in-game events. Abbreviated name: GM

• Test Game Master


They are Game Masters on trial period. If they succeed the trial period, they will get promoted to Game Master.

• Head Event Master


They are experienced Event Masters, very close to the current EM TEAM providing support, guidance and evaluation on their activity.

• Event Master


The Event Masters do more Events in-game in all sub-server of InfinityMu. They help also the Game Masters in hosting in-game events. Abbreviated name: EM

• Senior Moderator


Moderator with more responsibilities and authority than normal Moderators. See more about SMOD responsibilities.

• Moderator


The Moderator's job is to keep the forums clean from anything that violates the rules. They also handle forum reports. Moderators are in no way connected to any in-game activities, therefore you should not contact them unless it's about anything within the forums. Abbreviated name: MOD

• Test Moderator


They are Moderators still on trial period. If they succeed the trial period they will get promoted to Moderators.

Community Team Groups

Communiy team groups are the groups in our forums and in our community who aren't directly a part of the staff team , but do however contribute to the server and are given a special rank and tag on our forums for recognition.

• GFX (Graphics) team

They are responsible for handling the graphics requests of our server such as signatures on the forums and also graphics and art for our server, either for advertising or for special events.

• GFX Team Leader


Highly experienced in GFX-ing, can approve or deny GFX Applications.

• GFX Team


The GFX Team provides the InfinityMU network with art for both in-game and on the forums and handle signature requests.

• Wiki team


They help manage the iMU's wiki page by updating current articles and creating new ones to help new users and even old ones get fast and reliable information.

• Supporter group


Supporters are those who want to help the server in any way they can. Either by reporting in-game rule violations or answering questions in forum. They can one day be promoted to the GM/MOD team , if they do their job and fulfill their duties properly. Check what you need in order to become a Supporter.

• Supporter/Forum Supporter


Members who help the server and the community in many ways.

• Infinity Star Team


The Infinity Star Team takes care of the development and publishing of our monthly newspaper.

Other Community Tags

• Infinitian


Normal community members with normal permissions.



Members who have donated more than 10$. Here's how to obtain the usertitle.

• SuperVIP


Members who have donated more than 50$. Here's how to obtain the usertitle.

• Top Contributor


Only a few will be blessed to earn this tag. Players who have donated above 500$. Here's how to obtain the usertitle.

• Forum Hero


Similar to VIP, but has more permissions. It's an available paid subscription.

• Top Monthly Voter


The top #1 voter of the month will receive this temporary tag in our forum for a month or in Top Lucky Voters Event winner.

• Top Spammer


Members who post too much (2000 posts)

• Infinity Finest


A special tag for girls only. This is how you can claim your Infinity Finest tag.

• Infinity Idol


The winner in the monthly event "Infinity Idol" will receive this tag in our forum for a month.

• SOTM Winner


The winner in the monthly event "SOTM" (Signature Of The Month) will get this temporary tag in our forum for a month.

• Infinity Artist


Winner of InfinityMU Artist event.

• Poetry Master

Infinity 180x40 iMU-Author.gif

Winner of InfinityMU Author event. The usertitle is available for one month until the next event winner is announced.

• Mr Infinity


Special tag given to the hottest man of InfinityMU in the forum event with the same name.

• Ms Infinity

Ms Infinity.gif

Special tag given to the hottest woman of InfinityMU in the forum event with the same name.

• Infinity Hardcore


Dedicated forumers who won several big events and keep being very active. Not a permanent group and might update its permissions on certain suggestions.

• IMES Winner


InfinityMU Event Series winner.

• Ultimate IMES Winner


InfinityMU Event Series winner.

• Legend


The Legends are ex-staff members who has give loyalty, dedication and contribution for no less than 12 months.

• Veteran


Members who are registered +5 years ago; Have won at least 5 Big Events, as in gotten 1st place. Events that count towards wins are iMU Meme, iMu Idol, Fit the Staff Team and iMU Author, as well as TOP Yearly Events, being Mr. & Ms. Infinity and Got Talent. (permanent group)

• Arcade Champion

I MU-40- Arcade Champion.gif

Champion of the Arcade Section.

• Reset Master


The player who won the Monthly Reset Ranking. Only one winner and one unique tag for Top 1 Reseter of the Month will be issued each month.

• Combo Master


Players who have proven that they are great in combo. More info

• Pk Monthly Winner


Best Duelist in PK Monthly Winner Event.

• Duel King


The winner in a non uber BK Duel event hosted by our Game Master.

• Boss Slayer


This tag is awarded to the killer of the boss in Kill the Boss Event.

• The Chosen One


Team Leader who survived and winning special PK Events - The Chosen One

• Draconite Hunter

I MU-35- DRHunter.gif

Special permanent forum tag for those who collect Tier 1 or Tier 2 Draconite Sets.

• Rogue Assassin


Winner of the Rogue Assassin event.

• Castle Siege Owner

Castle owner tag.gif

Tag rewarded for Castle Siege Owners.

• Siege King


The guild masters of the Castle Siege holders Alliance.

• Banned User


Members who break our rules and policy.