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Our server, InfinityMU, has made an event wherein you can get cool prizes that people will be usually paying for in order to get. InfinityMU Event Series a.k.a. IMES, is a big event from InfinityMU designed for players who spend a lot of time ingame and in forum.

Types of IMES

There are two types of IMES, "In-game IMES" and "Forum IMES (FIMES)".

In-game IMES, are the ones usually seen hosted by our dear Event Masters and Game Masters in-game.

On the other hand, Forum IMES are the ones hosted in our forums:

Season 3 Forum Season 8 Forum

Event Rules and Mechanics

1. All Infinitians who participate in every event made by our staff team will receive points every time they win. Highest Point that Event winners can get is 3 and the lowest is 1. Highest points that EM/GM can give is 2 for PVP events and 1 for Non PVP events. Scores will be added to each character on the scoreboards. Example, if there are two DIFFERENT staffers who host in 1 day and the player gets 3 IMES from each, it means they will win 6 IMES in that day.

2. Players can't use more than 1 character and 1 account. Meaning, if you have two characters, you cannot combine their IMES points.

3. If you rename the character, with which you participate in IMES, it's your obligation to forward the new name to the Head Event Master / Head Game Master or RESiSTANT.

4. Banned Characters/Accounts (permanent bans) will be automatically removed and disqualified from the event.

5. Players can also gain IMES points by winning our weekly Castle Siege Event in which different alliances in InfinityMU participate. Submission of SS for CS Siege Winners : Fake/edited SS and also SS not taken right after CS time will not be accepted and can lead to getting your points deducted.

6. IMES Reaper function will reduce (-1) point of the selected player on all staffers’ scoreboard.

7. In order to make the competition more interesting and fair, you can maximum win 3 IMES per GM/EM events per day.

8. The members of the Staff cannot participate in the said event.

Other Ways to Gain IMES points

If your Alliance won the Castle Siege for the week, send private message to the Head Event Master in forums with a screenshot using your character while participating in the Castle Siege (Inside the Throne Room). This will result into receiving additional 3 IMES Points.

If a player has the #1 rank on a staffer's scoreboard, you will have an additional 10 IMES Points on his final score.

Reporting hacks will get you +5 IMES points on each GM's IMES Scoreboard if the report will be approved.

IMES Reaper (out of use since IMES Autumn Edition 2021)

As the name suggests, this feature subtracts (-1) IMES Point from another participant.

This reaper feature can be won at the weekly Castle Siege Event or in a Forum Big Event. Just send a private message to the Head Event Master for (Season 3).


The winner will get Exclusive IMES Winner Forum usertitle/tag that can be worn for three months. Also for 9999x forum, there is a IMES Hunter custom usertitle made for the one who is Top 1 in IMES Rank or Forum IMES Rank.

IMES Winner Tag (Season 3) IMES Hunter (Season 3)
IMES Hunter usertitle.gif
Ingame IMES (Season 3) Forum IMES (Season 3)
Top 1: Tier 1 Uber Set Full Option +13 (Tier 2 if you win IMES twice in a row.)

Top 2: Uber Weapon choice + accessory

Top 3: Uber accessory + 40.000 Gold Credits.

Top 4: 35,000 Gold Credits (GC)

Top 5 - 10: 25,000 Gold Credits (GC)

Top 11 - 20: 10,000 Gold Credits (GC)

Top 1: Uber Weapon + Accessory

Top 2: 2 Uber Accessory + 20.000 Gold Credits

Top 3: 1 Uber Accessory + 20.000 Gold Credits

Top 4 & 5: 20.000 Gold Credits (GC)

Top 6 - 10: 10,000 Gold Credits (GC)

Top 11 - 20: 5,000 Gold Credits (GC) }