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Siege rwd.png

What should I do for you to be in love with me?
I will do anything, even kill the enemy.
I'm sad that we only meet once a week.
Yet, I will do anything to keep the streak.

What is it with you that I get so obsessed?
For you, I fight and try to win this contest.
More than a hundred competitors, I weekly face.
Just to feel your amazing grace.

I won't have a chance if I do not focus.
Play with all my might and bring my Horus.
I will offer my mind, heart, and spirit.
My beloved castle siege, you are worth it.

-entry submitted by Apollo in the InfinityMU Author Event, September 2019.

Have you ever wondered what was so special about the renowned Castle Siege event and couldn’t participate because you have no information about it? Well, this article is exactly what you need to read if you find yourself in that dilemma.

This CS guide is here to initiate you in the Castle Siege event terms and tactics so that you won’t lose yourself among all those infinitians during the event.

First things first, let us familiarize with some of the Castle Siege basic information:

When and Where is the event taking place?

Castle Siege Event takes place once per week, every Saturday between 9:00pm - 11:00pm (UTC+08:00) (Philippines). The event takes place in Valley of Loren, Server 5.

Who is participating?

There are two types of guilds during this event. The Offensive and the Defensive teams.

The Offensive Team Symbol Description
Offensive team.jpg
  • The Guild Masters of the Offensive have a more complex icon, with a crown on top of two swords, two staffs or two bows.
  • The Offensive Team Members have a red glowing icon that contain a sword or a staff or a bow.
The Defensive Team Symbol Description
Defensive team.jpg
  • The Guild Master of the Defensive Team has a symbol with a crown on top of a shield.
  • The Defensive Team Members have a blue-glowing icon that contains a shield.

What is the Defensive Team doing?

They protect the castle, preventing the attackers to take the switch (you probably heard “I will be a switcher” in your guild) and/or seal. At the beginning of the event, they are already inside the Castle, preparing to defend.

What is the Offensive Team doing?

They try to take on the switches so that the Main Guild Master of the Ally could seal. At the beginning of the event, they are in the Valley of Loren, the citadel area, where they are attacking the statues in order to gain access inside the castle.

The statues that need to be destroyed
The main entrance in the Castle

What is the "Switch"?

The Switch

The Switches are the two elements situated in the lower right and left corner of the Castle.
They are in the center of a square marked on the pavement of the castle.
In order for you to switch you need to stay inside the square and click on the switch.

What is the "Seal"?


The seal is the action that the main Guild Master(GM) of the Ally takes in order to Register its official Seal, by clicking on the pedestal.
In order for the GM to succeed on the sealing, the two Switches have to be held by guild or ally members.
To register the Seal, the GM needs to press it for 30 seconds and if the 2 switches that are needed for stamping are cancelled or the character gets killed, the registration will fail.
If GM of the alliance succeeds in registering the official seal with the pedestal, their sword symbols will turn into shields and they will now have to defend the castle.
If there's remaining time, even if the registration was successful, the battle will continue but the 2 camps of attacking/defending team will be exchanged.
The guild with their official seal registered at the end of the siege will become the lords of the castle.

Important information for GM

If you are a GM and want to participate in this event you should know these:
Castle siege Schedule InfinityMU.NET03.png

  • All participating guilds must have a Guild Master that is at least Level 200 or higher (no Class restrictions)
  • All guilds participant in Castle Siege have to have at least 20 players
  • The main GM of the ally registers the Sign of Lord (SOL) in order to register to Castle Siege event.
    Sign of Lord can be found in any map with monsters.
    The SOLs drop rate is higher in Land of Trial.
  • You can always check on the event schedule by pressing F1 in game or wiki page.
  • The first three Allies that get as much SOLs registered as they can, will be participating in the Castle Siege event.
    Check out the Castle Siege statistics page.


The Sign of Lord that you need to register

The Guardsman that registers your SOLs

Important information for guild members

If you are a regular player and want to participate in Castle Siege, you should know this:

General information:

  • Ice attacks lessen the movements of the Switchers and Sealers.
  • All character can Switch and Seal. For The only impediment for sealing is that you’d have to be the main Guild Master of the Ally.
  • Mounting a pet is FORBIDEN in Castle Siege. The only exception is for the elf. The elf CAN mount Fenrir, Dinorant and/or Uniria.

Customized information:

ELF(ME/HE): The elf can be a buffer for Damage and Defence but can also heal members while they are in combat with the enemy. Keep in mind that the Damage and Defence buff only last for 1 minute therefore it would be better for the party members to stay close in order to have buff all the time. The elves can ice enemies with ice arrow and also kill enemy attackers.

WIZZ(SM/GM): The wizz is very important for Soul Barrier, also known as MS. The MS lasts aprox. 7 min. If a player does not have MS and swell, he/she could die in just 1 hit, no matter what set is wearing, Uber or FO(Full Option). Wizzes can also ice the enemies with Ice Storm and also use Lightning Bolt to extract the Switchers and the Sealers from their places. Wizzes can be Switchers too, as well as attackers if they have enough damage to do it.

KNIGHTS(DK/BK/BM): Knights have the long lasting life potion that makes wonders, that’s called Greater Fortitude, or Swell. The Swell lasts for 5 minutes so the same thing is applied here: keep all the party members together. All players need swell in order for them to keep fighting while getting the switches or sealing. The main role of the Knights in Castle Siege is of a fighter. They need to get rid of the enemies.

LORDS(DL/LE): The Lords are mainly pretty good at sealing and grabbing the switches. They can also buff the party members with Crit and they use Stomp to disperse the enemy just like the Wizz is doing with the Lightning Bolt. They can also attack the enemies, besides buffing, stomping and sealing/switching. Also the Lords can summon party members. That is the only warp command that is allowed in Castle Siege. The DL can only warp if it’s not switching. The Critical Damage buff of a DL lasts for 55 minutes.

GLADIATOR(MG/DM): The Gladiators are the Kight’s best friend, as they kill the enemies together.

CS Party Tip: The party is the main element that keeps the Castle Siege armies together and in shape. Therefore, in order for the party to be successful, the party members should work together and move together. This way they will always benefit from the swell/buffs/MS/crit because you can’t use Buff Master's buffs in CS.

Special Castle Siege Skills

Skill in-game Skill symbol Class/Details
BK Crescent Moon Slash Skill

Dark Knight (Crescent Moon Slash)

  • Skill damage: 95-148
  • Mana : 22
  • AG : 15
  • Attacking distance : 4
  • Characteristic: A sharp blade of fire, cast in the air, cuts the enemy down.


Dark Knight (Stern)

  • Characteristic: Purple lightning comes down from the sky stunning the enemies under the Stern frozen effect.

This skill can only be used if the character accumulates points by killing at least 4 players without dying in the process.

SM Lance CS Skill

Dark Wizard (Mana Glaive)

  • Wizardry damage:7223-16053
  • Mana : 150
  • AG : 10
  • Range: 6
  • Characteristic : Attacks more than one opponents with two magic glaives shaped like a star

Elf (Starfall)

  • Skill damage: 10941-18569
  • Mana : 20
  • AG : 15
  • Range : 8
  • Characteristic: A shooting arrow drops from the sky and damages one opponent at a time. Can be used when a bow is equipped
MG-Spiral Slash Skill.gif

Magic Gladiator (Spiral Slash)

  • Skill damage : 9243-13671
  • Mana : 20
  • AG : 15
  • Range : 5
  • Characteristic : Double slash attack with one attack
  • Mechanics : Can be used when a sword is equipped.

Magic Gladiator (Mana Rays)

  • Skill damage : 9253-13686
  • Mana : 130
  • AG : 7
  • Range : 6
  • Mechanics : The skill will be activated only in the Siege Warfare map during the battle.

Dark Lord (Fire Blast)

  • Skill damage: 7661-10563
  • Mana : 0
  • AG : 10
  • Range : 6
  • Mechanics : A briht light that comes from the earth would damage one opponent at a time

What can you win by being a Castle Owner?

If you are a Castle Siege winner, you can get numerous of prizes:

Prize #1 – 120 Rings of Wind, FO, also known as ROW. If the same Alliance wins for the second time or more in a row then the reward will be 120 ROWs + 25,000 Gold Credits distributed to accounts of choice by the main Guild Master of the Alliance. Note: This is to keep safe the market from inflation and prevent the same CS owners into getting crazy rich!

Prize #2 - The Castle Owner Guild will receive all the Signs of Lord he/she registered, back.

Prize #3 - Becoming a bit more famous @ the forum of InfinityMU! The Alliance Leader (The CastleOwner) will automatically receive the tag in forums. The other members of the winning alliance must send a forum PM to the Head Event Master with a valid Screenshot taken at the end of the siege. Besides the Castle Owner Tag, everyone who sends a screenshot is rewarded with 3 IMES Points or IMES Reaper on someone Preview:

For all guild members:


For Guild Master:

Siege King new tag.gif

+ If a guild can achieve 10 consecutive CS wins, we will feature their guild in the Wiki.

Prize #4: Land of Trials. Being a castle owner gets you to access Land of Trials. Here the SOLs dropping rate is higher and you can get Ancient items from killing the mobs. Also, the Excellent items that drop here have more than 1 excellent option.

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