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Introducing Buff System

- Everyone can take advantage of nice buffs by paying small tax of Credits or Gold Credits in-game to Buff Master located in Noria, Devias and Arena! Buff duration is fixed to 6 hours no matter you log off or get killed the buff will remain 6 hours and then expire.

- The buffs are only active in Servers: 1, 2, 3, and 4. In Castle Siege server the Buff Master is currently OFF and only character buffs will play a role there.

- Control the buff as you wish, type command ingame: /offbuff (to disable your buffs) and /onbuff (to enable your buffs). Buffs Count down still ticking. :P

- Buffs are automatically OFF while players warp into Duel Room. Right after the duel finishes the buffs will be added to your character instantly.

- Each of the buffs costs is: 1000 Gold Credits or 2000 Credits. It's your choice to use them or not! They are good enough and make significant difference in PVP!

Introducing Buff Master