Maya & Nightmare Event

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The last representative of the mixed form of life, created by the people of Kanturu, and the perfect embodiment of horror. The power of Nightmare was too great and beyond control, and it was imprisoned inside Maya from the moment of its creation. When Kanturu broke up and Maya lost control it was a chance for Nightmare to return to this world again.

Requirements and place of action

The entrance of this event is situated in Kanturu Relics (coordinates: 141, 186). In order to get inside you’ll need to equip a Moonstone Ring. You can buy the ring from Liaman the Barmaid and/or Amy the Potion Girl. The ring also drops from monsters around iMU maps. Every 24 hours after the last Nightmare defeat.

Event Mechanics

The Event has four stages:


Defeating Maya’s Left Hand In order to get to Maya’s Left Hand. You will need to kill 40 monsters in 15 minutes.


Defeating Maya’s Right Hand In order to get to Maya’s Right Hand. You will need to kill 40 monsters in 15 minutes.


Defeating Maya (both Hands) In order to get to Maya’s Right Hand. You will need to kill 20 monsters in 20 minutes.


Defeating Nightmare To kill the Nightmare, players are given 20 minutes. Nightmare will summon monsters 3 times. All summoned monsters must be killed, only after that you can kill the Nightmare. If the players managed to defeat the Nightmare, then Tower of Refine Tower will be open for 23 hours.

In between fighting with Maya’s Hands, players are given a two-minute break, during which additional participants can join the quest, if someone is killed. The entrance is not allowed when a player fights with Maya’s hands or Nightmare. At the same time, up to 15 people can participate in the quest. If one player dies during the quest, it will respawn at the beginning of Kanturu Relics.


Excellent items that also drop from BOK+5 like Season 4 and Season 7 Sets and Weapons, Excellend Grand Soul Shield, Excellend Black Lion Sword and New Jewels.
Monster Points:
• 50 Monster Points from each of Maya’s Hand
• 200 Monster Points from Nightmare