Alviss Grand Soul Set

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Alviss Grand Soul Set


Long time ago, a heavy storm struck Devias. It was a horrifying storm in which the town of Devias was nearly obliterated. In that period of time, almost all town folks panicked and were shivering to death. The storm lasted for so long that the food stock was almost depleted.

Merchants tried to travel and buy stacks of goods from the nearby city of Noria but the storm was too heavy to be dealt with. Those who tried to fight it were blasted by big waves of wind. Every attempt of traveling led the travelers to their death, on a journey from which their loved ones would not know if they will come back alive or frozen.

When all hope was almost lost, Princes Sevina had a vision. She ran to the town hall shouting that in Devias a brave warrior will stop this great storm and bring food and peace once again, but at a great cost! A team must be formed and prepared to depart in the search of this brave new warrior. Among these men was Alviss, a wizard apprentice.

They said their goodbyes at the North Devias Bridge. Once they were out, the white snow-covered them, making them invisible in an instant. Just a few meters after, sadly, they stopped. Many of them fell after being struck by a giant iceberg. The ones who got away panicked and started retreating. But they didn’t know in which direction to go since everywhere they looked they saw only white snow violently blew away from one place to another. They got lost trying to find their way back to the town, getting frozen in the process.

Only one man was standing in this white hell, continuing the journey he enrolled in. Trying to find the great warrior Sevina foresaw, he encountered a Golden Titan. He saw that this monster was protecting a black orb. Immediately figured out that this black orb had something to do with the destructive force of the winter storm. Alviss could feel this in his chest. The magic level of energy of this orb was definitely the one creating this distress in nature. He, then, heard a heavy voice reaching his ears, saying: “You cannot stop the destruction of this continent! The Orb is too powerful! Soon you will DIE!” followed by a powerful blast created by a big golden arm. All that he could see were the golden arms of the monster, blindly trying to reach him in the whiteness of the place. He figured that he cannot defeat him by himself so he had to try a different approach in obtaining that black orb. With a swift move he jumped on one of the Golden Titan’s arms, climbed up until his shoulder, and from there he let himself go, falling into a big heap of snow, near the black orb. Looking down at it, it didn’t seem that powerful as he saw it when he was in front of the big golden monster. He took it and ran away as far and as fast as he could. He ran so much and so fast that he felt his heart was going to jump out of his frozen neck. The rough voice of the Golden Titan still seeking for him in the thick white weather was slowly starting to fade. He made two more steps when, by surprise, he saw one of his former teammates almost frozen in the snow. He shook him strongly until he woke him up. They both looked at the black orb trying to figure out how to proceed next. The energy generated by it was clearly the one messing with Devias’s weather. But who enchanted it and who made left it there, guarded by that Golden Titan?

The teammate’s hands were almost frozen, so he couldn’t cast any spells. Therefore Alviss was the one to do it with the help of his teammate. Once he started casting the spell, he could feel its power. It immediately was bound to him and he knew that if he would absorb it, the only way to release its immense power was through an explosion. He still had a chance to stop and stay alive, but he refused. He knew what he got himself into and wanted to finish this at all costs! The enchantment drained the orb of all the black energy leaving it transparent as an ice sphere. As soon as he drained the last black drop from it, he started shaking uncontrollably. He felt like he was about to burst, so he tried to distance himself away from his teammate. Leaving him in the snow, he held his staff near to his chest. He knew that the minute he will let it fall from his hands, this energy will consume him completely. As it happened minutes later, when the black fog passed through him, lifting him into the air, turning him into tiny particles of dust. The wind disappeared, the snow tempered and his teammate could see the shiny staff that was held by Alviss’s hands moments before. He took the staff in his frozen hands and with his last remaining energy, he headed towards the town.

Alviss was from then on remembered as the brave warrior that defeated the storm. His staff reunited, later on, with parts of his armor, formed the all-known Alviss Grand Soul Set.

Months later the set was stolen. Rumors have it that someone called "Prometheus" did it.
-lore submitted by [Warean] in the Winter edition of Wiki Writer Forum Event 2019-2020.

Set Parts and Options

The Alviss Grand Soul set is a Season 1 Set and consist of Armor, Pants, Boots, Staff and Pendant of Wind. The set can be worn by Soul Master. The Staff can be worn by Magic Gladiator also.

Ancient Options Set Excellent Full Options Staff and Pendant Excellent Full Options

Double Damage Rate 45%
Increases Maximum Health +125
Increase Wizardry Dmg +55%
Increase defensive skill when using shield weapons 25%
Increases Maximum Stamina +125
Increases Excellent Damage Rate 40%
Decreases opponent’s defense rating +25%
Increases Stamina Recover Rate +125

Increase Max HP +4%
Increase Max Mana +4%
Damage Decrease +4%
Reflect Damage +5%
Defense Success Rate +10%
Increases Zen After Monster +40%

Excellent Damage Rate +10%
Increase Wizardry Damage +level/20
Increase Wizardry Damage +2%
Increase Attacking(Wizardry)speed +7
Increases Life After Monster + life/8
Increases Mana After monster +Mana/8

Set Parts Details


  • You will need to wear 4 parts of the set, with ancient feature, in order to unlock the full ancient options.
  • The Helm and Gloves from this set Set do not contain ancient feature. They can be acquired with Full Excellent options by request when donating for Uber Alviss Grand Soul Set or with Credits or Gold Credits from InfinityMu’s Web Shop. For perfect result it is recommended to combine it with Prometheus Grand Soul.
  • The set parts does not sustain pink options, only the Staff. Check additional options for information regarding yellow and pink options.
  • The full excellent options are available only for the Uber Excellent Alviss Grand Soul set.
  • Ancient Alviss Grand Soul items only come with the ancient options.


Alviss prometheus acquisition.png

The Uber Alviss Grand Soul Set can be bought from “Get Uber Set” link, inside Web Shop Menu at

Alviss staff acquisition.png

The Uber Alviss Grand Soul Staff can be bought independently form the set, from “Get Uber Set” link, inside Web Shop Menu at

Also, the set’s parts can be acquired from Web Shop with Credits or Gold Credits.

In game, the Excellent Grand Soul parts drop in Box of Kundun +2 and mobs around iMU maps. The Ancient Alviss Grand Soul parts drop from Kundun and the monsters in Land of Trials. Both Ancient and Excellent parts can be made Semi Uber by adding the necessary jewels. You can check How to make Semi Uber sets if you need any additional information about this process.

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