Creating Semi Uber Items

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Semi Uber Ahruan Guardian Helm

Players may create Ancient Items with an Excellent Option in game. These items are called in game as Semi Uber Items. The difference it has (or doesn't have) with Uber Set Items is that Uber Sets are Ancient Items with Full Options, while Semi Ubers are Ancient Items that are limited to only one Excellent Option.

This guide will give you an idea of how to create the perfect Semi Uber Item parts you want from scratch. In this example, we will turn a Guardian Helm into a Semi Uber Ahruan Guardian Helm.


There are many ways to acquire the base item. However, there are only two popular methods that are worth mentioning.

So we will acquire an Excellent Guardian Helm with Damage Decrease 4% and Luck if possible.

  • The first and the cheapest but could be a time consuming way is to drop Box of Kunduns which you can buy from Amy the Potion Girl. This could be time consuming the fact that the items given by the boxes are random and you might not get your desired Excellent Option.
  • The second and one that's most preferred by the community is just buying the item off the Webshop. This way, you may choose right away which Excellent Option you want. While you're at it, you might as well add Luck as this will save you the trouble later.

Guardian Helm Webshop.jpg

Also it is worth mentioning that Jewel of Excellent can be used to add a random Excellent Option to an item while Jewel of Luck adds Luck. For weapons that are eligible to have weapon skills, Jewel of Skill is it's corresponding jewel that adds skills. These are jewels that can be acquired in game by joining Hourly and Automated Events.

You finally got the item. It should look like this for now:

Guardian Helm Prep 1.jpg


There are still things that must be done in order to create that perfect Semi Uber Item. The following can be done in any order however it is best advised to just follow these steps as it's already been tested.

  • First, upgrade it to +13. Self explanatory. If you don't know how to, ask anyone in game and they would be glad to help. Must be done in order to unlock desired yellow option.
  • Second, drop x7 (max) Jewel of Life onto the item. You can buy these from Amy the Potion Girl. This can be done later.
  • Third, add your desired Harmony (Yellow Option) to the item. To do this, drop a Jewel of Harmony onto the item. You can buy Jewel of Harmony from Amy the Potion Girl. If the resulting Yellow Option isn't what you have in mind, head to Aida and look for the NPC Jeridon. Simply give him the item and he will remove the Y/O for you. This is a must since the only way to change yellow options once it becomes a Semi Uber Item is to spend Gold Credits in the Webshop.

At this point, the helm is ready for the last step:

Guardian Helm Prep 2.jpg

Final Step

The most important item in this process is the Jewel of Ancient. Acquiring it is similar to acquiring Jewel of Excellent and Jewel of Luck.


To attempt turning the item into a Semi Uber, simply drop the Jewel of Ancient onto it. Do note that applying a Jewel of Ancient will not succeed 100% of the time. Base success rate is 50%, and if the item has Luck (+25%) then the success rate is 75%. If it fails after the second or the third try, wait about 10 minutes or so and try again. Also try doing it with another character, or even try switching servers. If it succeeds, the item is now a Semi Uber and should look like this:

Semi Uber Ahruan Guardian Helm.jpg

Congratulations! The creation of Semi Uber Ahruan Guardian Helm is now complete.


There is a myth on how to manipulate success rate however this hasn't been confirmed by the Administration.

Since Jewel of Excellent is considered a high end jewel, it is said that there is a way to save it instead of losing it by failing. A lower end jewel called Jewel of Skill which basically adds skills to weapon-skill-eligible weapons would tell if the next Jewel of Ancient used will succeed. Basically, if one adds a weapon skill to a random weapon by using Jewel of Skill and fails, the Jewel of Ancient will fail as well. And if it succeeds, you will have a small window of time to apply Jewel of Ancients in case you're doing multiple item/set parts and they will all succeed.

Real Play to Win Experience

The purpose of semi uber sets are to make InfinityMU an play to win game instead pay to win. These sets are giving huge chances in PVP. Of course the best sets always remain the Full Uber Set due their defense rate and reflect damage excellent options. Every month in our events we are giving chance to everyone to win full uber set for those who cannot afford to donate to the server for an Full Uber Set. Make sure to be active in our forums to get know most events and get a chance to win an Full Uber Set.