Special Monsters

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Special Monsters are scattered around the contient of MU. What seperates them and makes them worthy of notice are their values for hunting. These special monsters drops more important items than the rest of the more common monsters and can only be hunted on special occasions.

Monster Types and Informations

Red Dragon

Red Dragon.jpg


  • When killed, Red Dragon drops Jewel of Luck, Jewel of Excellent, Jewel of Ancient, Jewel of Skill & Draconite

Golden Budge Dragon

Golden Budge Dragon.jpg


  • When killed, Golden Budge Dragon drops Box of Luck.

Box of Luck drops random items of;

  • 10,000 Zen
  • Item +6
  • Item +7
  • Item +8
  • Item +9

Golden Goblin

Golden Goblin.jpg


  • When killed, Golden Goblin drops Box of Kundun +1

Box of Kundun +1 Drops

Weapons Bows Staffs Armor Shield
Excellent Giant Sword
Excellent Larkan Axe
Excellent Elemental Mace
Excellent Aquagold Crossbow
Excellent Arquebus
Excellent Legendary Staff
Excellent Legendary Set Parts
Excellent Dragon Set Parts
Excellent Guardian Set Parts
Excellent Black Dragon Set Parts
Excellent Storm Crow Set Parts
Excellent Adamantine Set Parts
Excellent Skull Shield
Excellent Spike Shield
Excellent Plate Shield
Excellent Large Round Shield

Golden Titan

  • Golden Titan can only be found at Devias.

Golden Titan.jpg

  • Golden Titans are usualy escorted by a company of Golden Soliders

Golden Solider.jpg


  • When killed, Golden Titan drops Box of Kundun +2

Box of Kundun +2 Drops

Weapons Bows Staff Armor Shield
Excellent Spirit Sword
Excellent Rune Blade
Excellent Bill of Balrog
Excellent Lord Scepter
Excellent Celestial Bow
Excellent Saint Crossbow
Excellent Dragon Soul Staff
Excellent Grand Soul Set Parts
Excellent Dark Phoenix Set Parts
Excellent Divine Set Parts
Excellent Dark Steel Set Parts
Excellent Dragon Slayer Shield
Excellent Tower Shield
Excellent Serpant Shield
Excellent Bronze Shield

Golden Dragon

  • Golden Dragon can only be found at Lorencia.

Golden Dragon 2.jpg


  • When killed, Golden Dragon drops Box of Kundun +3

Box of Kundun +3 Drops

Rings and Pendants Weapons Bows Staff Armor Shield
Excellent Ring of Ice
Excellent Ring of Poison
Excellent Ring of Fire
Excellent Ring of Earth
Excellent Ring of Wind
Excellent Ring of Magic
Excellent Pendant of Lighting
Excellent Pendant of Fire
Excellent Pendant of Ice
Excellent Pendant of Wind
Excellent Pendant of Water
Excellent Pendant of Ability
Excellent Knight Blade
Excellent Black Reign Blade
Excellent Chaos Dragon Axe
Excellent Dragon Spear
Excellent Great Lord Scepter
Excellent Scepter of Archangel
Excellent Viper Bow
Excellent Crossbow of Archangel
Excellent Kundun Staff
Excellent Staff of Archangel
Excellent Great Dragon Set Parts
Excellent Dark Soul Set Set Parts
Excellent Red Spirit Set Parts
Excellent Dark Master Set Parts
Excellent Chaos Dragon Shield
Excellent Legendary Shield
Excellent Grand Soul Shield
Excellent Elemental Shield

Golden Lizard King

  • Golden Lizard King can only be found at Atlans

Golden Lizard.jpg

  • Golden Lizard King is usualy escorted by a company of Golden Mermaids

Golden Valkyrie.jpg


  • When Killed, Golden Lizard King drops Box of Kundun +4

Box of Kundun +4 Drops Box of Kundun +4 Drops

Weapons Bows Staff Armor
Excellent DayBreak
Excellent Shining Scepter
Excellent Sword Dancer
Excellent Albatross Bow
Excellent Platina Wing Staff
Excellent Ashcrow Set
Excellent Eclipse Set
Excellent Iris Set
Excellent Glorious Set

Golden Tantalos

  • Golden Tantalos can only be found at Tarkan.

Golden Tantalos.jpg

  • Golden Tantalos is usualy escorted by a company of Golden Wheels

Golden Wheel.jpg


  • When killed, Golden Tantalos drops Box of Kundun +5.

Box of Kundun +5 Drops

Weapons Bows Staff Armor
Excellent Bone Blade
Excellent Solay Scepter
Excellent Explosion Blade
Excellent Sylph Wind Bow
Excellent Grand Viper Staff
Excellent Dragon Knight Set
Excellent Venom Mist Set
Excellent Sylpid Ray Set
Excellent Sunlight Set

White Wizard

White Wizards are servants of Kundun, rather than invading the lands of peaceful folks, their primary objective is to disturb the order and occupy the trade routes so that merchants would not be able to trade. Stoping trade flow would weaken Lorencia and Devias population because both cities rely on Noria for food all the while it would weaken Noria's defenses because the city relies on foreign warriors to keep herself safe.

White Wizard.jpg


Killing the White Wizard will earn the player a jewel of random type.

Orc Companions

  • White Wizard keeps the company of orcs for protection. These orcs are loyal to the wizard and vicious to his enemies.

White Wizard Warrior.jpg

White Wizard Archer.jpg


  • When Killed, these orcs drop Ring of Wizardy that are given to them by the wizard himself.


Long, long ago, Erohim committed a brutal murder, killing his master Bala. With this grave sin, he was sentenced to be locked up in the Land of Trials for all eternity. He has ruled the Land of Trials and resurrected the bodies of its residents by using the Jewel of Guardian. He aims to expand his empire across the whole MU continent with his undead troops.



  • When killed, Erohim drops Ancient and Semi Full Option Items.

Illusion of Kundun

  • Illusion of Kundun is a monster that can only be found in 6th map of Kalima.

Kundun is an ancient evil being that seeks to devour whole of the MU continent for his greed. It aims to become either the ethernal ruler or it's ultimate destroyer. Origins of Kundun is unknown but his intention and his means to achieve his ends are obvious. It's original where abouts isn't known but it's Illusions are seen at Kalima.

Illusion of Kundun.jpg


  • When Killed, Illusion of Kundun drops ancient and Semi Full Option Items.