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Tarkan Map

The Desert of MU, Tarkan holds host to some of the strongest monsters. Only few stray to Tarkan to seek the treasures guarded by the Zaikan and the Death Beam Knight. The remains of many warriors who dared travel to Tarkan can still be seen lying in the desert. This is the best map for high levels to train in. Tarkan, meaning “Desert of Death," is ridden with some of the strongest monsters found on the continent of Mu.

Arena monsters are transferred and spawns here as well as Kalima Monsters. A perfect place for hunting items and leveling.

Tarkan is also the place where you extract and create seed spheres. Assembling and destroying Seed Spheres, and mounting of seed spheres on Seed items are also done here.


There are many monsters found in Tarkan Map.


Monster Level 76
Stamina 14000
Minimal Striking Power 270
Maximum Striking Power 330
Defensive Power 220
Defense Success Rate 130

It is a mutant of Descendents of Darkness in Atlans. Kicked out of the city, it lives in the border areas. In order to survive in the desert of death, it evolves into a monster rather than a human shape. It rolls itself to move.

Bloody Wolf

Bloody Wolf
Monster Level 78
Stamina 17000
Minimal Striking Power 300
Maximum Striking Power 360
Defensive Power 240
Defense Success Rate 140

It is a bloody wolf born from the lab of underground city Kantur. Due to failure in the somatologic experiment, a part of skeletons went out and grew up to be a sharp horn, which is used for attacking.

Iron Wheel

Iron Wheel
Monster Level 80
Stamina 20000
Minimal Striking Power 330
Maximum Striking Power 390
Defensive Power 260
Defense Success Rate 150

Made by the mechanical technology of the underground city, Iron Wheel guards Kantur Empire and drives all the living things approaching near the Empire into death. It rushes at the enemy at a fast speed and attacks.


Monster Level 82
Stamina 24000
Minimal Striking Power 360
Maximum Striking Power 430
Defensive Power 280
Defense Success Rate 160

It had been deserted in the underground prison of Tarkan, but got free by Atlans people who woke up the land of death. Due to long thirst in underground, it was changed to have thick and hard horny substance. Atlans people changed it to strong mechanical body in order to use it.


Monster Level 84
Stamina 28000
Minimal Striking Power 400
Maximum Striking Power 470
Defensive Power 300
Defense Success Rate 170

A subordinate of Zaikan (Desert of Death), Vimknight is the knight of darkness that guarded Zaikan in sleep. As soon as Zaikan woke up, it started to show itself in several places of Tarkan.


Monster Level 90
Stamina 35000
Minimal Striking Power 520
Maximum Striking Power 610
Defensive Power 400
Defense Success Rate 185

As soon as Sealing Stone fell down on Tarkan - desert of death , Zaikan woke up because of the energy. By use of the power of darkness, it makes a tremendous sword of sorcery to use for its own.

Death Vim-Knight

Death Vim-Knight
Monster Level 93
Stamina 41000
Minimal Striking Power 600
Maximum Striking Power 700
Defensive Power 440
Defense Success Rate 220

It was created by spirits of all the living things who died at Tarkan. They have hatred over all the living things, which becomes energy and burns up forever. It is more dangerous than Zaikan.


Golden Wheel

Golden Wheel
Monster Level 77
Stamina 15000
Minimal Striking Power 320
Maximum Striking Power 360
Defensive Power 230
Range 4
Drop Box of Kundun +5

Golden Tantallos

Golden Tantallos
Monster Level 90
Stamina 30000
Minimal Striking Power 450
Maximum Striking Power 560
Defensive Power 300
Range 2
Drop Box of Kundun +5



Non - Player Characters

Non Player Characters found in Tarkan are the following:

Non Player Character Coordinates
Safety Guardian 197,60
Amy the Potion Girl 197,64