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The world that Lord Kundun has been banished to houses his most loyal minions. Not just anyone can enter Kalima champions of MU must first find the Lost Map which can be made from finding 5 pieces of the Lords Mark. There are 7 gateways to Kalima and Champions are only allowed to enter the levels in which they are allotted. Only in Kalima will Champions find the true Lord Kundun himself. All 7 Kalima levels are invaded by x2 Lord Kunduns.


Level Limit

Kalima is broken into 7 levels of entry based on your characters level. But anyone above level 15 may enter their respected Kalima.

15 - 49 (Level 1)

50 - 119 (Level 2)

120 - 179 (Level 3)

180 - 239 (Level 4)

240 - 299 (Level 5)

300 - 350 (Level 6)

350 and above (Level 7)


Kalima houses items not yet seen to the Continent of MU; also in Kalima Lord Kundun himself awaits your arrival.

Boss HP: 5,000,000 DEF: 8000 DMG: 221340~289310 (min~max)

Boss Respawn Time: 6 hours after killed.



Aegis, Lord Centurion, Blood Soldier, Death Angel, Necron, Death Centurion, Schriker, Illusion of Kundun & Lord Kundun.


Rewards from Kundun

Note: sometimes Lord Kundun manages to escape and gives no reward but just rain of meteorits.