Ancient Set Combinations

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Featured in this article is the summary of ancient set combinations also known as "sister sets". These are sets designed to give a promising strength and formidable power to the bearer once equipped together, resulting to a more intense and better PvP experience.

Each article contains a detailed and comprehensive information about the sister sets and what ancient options they grant once used, as well as their compatible and recommended weapon combinations.

Blade Master

Warrior + Obscure (Leather Set)
Mist + Hyperion (Bronze Set)
Eplete + Berserker (Scale Set)
Garuda + Cloud (Brass Set)
Kantata + Rave (Plate Set)
Hyon + Vicious (Dragon Set)
Sekhmet + Maahes (Black Dragon Set)
Baldr + Bragi (Dark Phoenix Set)
Kronos + Saturn (Flaming Phoenix Set)
Atlas Combinations (Brave Set)

High Elf

Ceto + Drak (Vine Set)
Gaia + Peize (Silk Set)
Odin + Elvian (Wind Set)
Argo + Karis (Spirit Set)
Gywen + Ahruan (Guardian Set)
Freya + Kantata Pair (Divine Set)
Serket Combinations (Iris Set)
Hathor Combinations (Seraphim Set)

Grand Master

Apollo + Banek (Pad Set)
Evis + Sylion (Bone Set)
Hera + Myne (Sphinx Set)
Anubis + Isis (Legendary Set)
Alviss + Prometheus (Grand Soul Set)
Bes + Meskhenet (Eclipse Set)
Horus Combinations (Imperial Set)

Duel Master

Gaion + Myuren (Storm Crow Set)
Apis Combinations (Valiant Set)
Tyr Combinations (Thunder Hawk Set)
Virtus Combinations (Destroyer Set)

Lord Emperor

Nyx + Khons (Dark Steel Set)
Agnis + Browii (Adamantine Set)
Surtr Combinations (Glorious Set)
Amun Combinations (Ceremonial Set)