Horus Combinations

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The ultimate PvP armor set for Grand Masters.

Set Parts Unlocked Options
Horus Imperial Helm
Horus Imperial Armor
Horus Imperial Gauntlets
Horus Imperial Pants
Horus Imperial Boots
Horus Imperial Staff

Note: Semi-uber version not available.

Weapon Combinations (Optional)

Horus + Kantata (Recommended)

Set Parts Unlocked Options Summary

Kantata Ring of Wind
Kantata Ring of Poison
Double Damage Rate 10%

Horus Kantata.jpg

Double Damage Rate 95%
Increases Critical Damage Rate 60%
Increases Excellent Damage Rate 95%
Increases Wizardry Damage +100%

Increases Energy +250
Increases Stamina +250
Increases Agility +250
Increases Strength +250
Decreases Opponent's Defense Rating +30%

Note: All unlocked options work perfectly.

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