Kantata Plate Set

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Kantata Plate Set

The Century long war against Kundun and his armies is near its end. They have managed to conquer Noria and Devias Kingdoms. Now, they were on their way to the Kingdom of Lorencia. Lorencia at that time was being led by king Hyon and His “Army of Light”. Hyon was with his generals Sekmet, Bragi and High Wizard Prometheus, discussing the situation: “Our army will not be enough to stand against Kundun”, King Hyon said. “My King, me and Bragi will do everything to vanquish Kundun and his army. You have forgotten that I possess the power of Maahes the lord of War", Gen. Sekhmet said.“And I myself wield the weapons of Baldr, made from Stroganon the hardest metal on earth”, Bragi added. “I have a suggestion, Prometheus said. Legend says, that a skilled swordsman named “Marlon” is wondering around Lorencia, Devias, Noria & Atlans cities. I am sure we can find him somewhere around Lorencia and Atlans since Kundun’s army has taken over Noria and Devias. We can ask for his assistance”, Prometheus added. “Ok, but if we look for this man we will lose a lot of time preparing for this battle. We are under-manned now. King Hyon said. From the corner of the room, a young boy’s voice is heard: “Father let me go, I will find him!, Let me prove to you that I am worthy to be your son”, Prince Aurelius said.“Very well, Aurelius, Prometheus will give you all the information you need. Go on to your journey. May the power of Light be with you. “I will father’, Aurelius replied.

Aurelius went on his journey the next day. He traveled South of Lorencia’s City walls asking each trader that passed his way if they’ve seen Marlon the warrior. So far nobody could answer him, so he went further towards Atlans. While on his horse, a dark phoenix, Prometheus’s trusted bird-messenger appeared in front of him. “bird, Prometheus sent you?, speak to me”, he said “Aurelius, you must hurry, Kundun’s army already vanquished the Castle’s first defense, and sadly general Bragi is dead”. The dark phoenix spoked. “Noooo!, I am almost halfway through my journey, I’m sure after I pass this forest, I will find Marlon. “Make it fast, they are nearing general Sekmet’s Army Defence. They will not hold it any longer”, and then the phoenix disappeared.

After the Phoenix disappeared, Aurelius heard a soft voice: “ I have fought many fights and won a lot of them, but I am no match for Kundun himself’. “Who’s there?, identify yourself”, Aurelius said. And then an old, well-built man wearing a worn-out blue armor appeared. It was Marlon, the greatest swordsman that ever wielded a two-handed sword. “Who are you?” asked Aurelius. “My child, I am the one you are looking for” said Marlon. “What? You?! How could you be Marlon the great warrior when you are so old, wrinkled and barely standing?” asked Aurelius in despair. Marlon looked at the young prince, touched his shoulder and with a smile on his face said: “If you don’t believe me, fight me.“OK but I will be gentle, You have no chance with my Excalibur”, Aurelius said

Aurelius rushed his first attack to Marlon with a fast cyclone slash. The old man blocked it with his old sword. Aurelius was frustrated. Maybe this old man is Marlon after all, he thought. Not giving up he gave Marlon his best move with his twisting slash. But still no effect to Marlon. “Now, it’s my turn Marlon said. Straightening his back, gripping his sword better in his hands, Marlon twisted and swirled in the air like he brushed 50 years of his shoulders. With this great move he threw Aurelius five meters in the air, plunging him in a tree trunk after his last wind swirl. Shocked, Aurelius asked: “What was that move?!?”. “Young Boy, You are still a newbie, that is only a light move of my secret technique. I call it“The Combo”".“If I would have hit you with the full blast, your remains would have turned to dust in a second. Aurelius was stunned. He looked at that old man with such admiration, knowing in his heart that if he would learn this technique, the war with Kundun will be done. “Please make me your apprentice and join us” Aurelius said. “I will not join any battle, I am too old for that, but I can teach you the combo”, Marlon said. For the next days Aurelius trained as hard as he could, sacrificing his sleeping hours in order to learn fast. Slashing, twisting and conjuring the air around his moves hardened his body and sharpened his mind. While practicing he received an awful news when Prometheus’s phoenix told him that Kundun had invaded the castle and took his father prisoner. Marlon shook him off his doubts, looked him in the eyes and told him: “I met many warriors in my life but none so determined and humble as you are. I know you’ve worked hard and I know you can retrieve your father and your castle from Kundun’s claws”. This being said, he stretched his hand to Aurelius and opened his fist, revealing two beautiful rings. “They accopanied me through countless adventures, I think it’s time for them to enjoy new ones. Give them a well-deserved battle and they shall return the favor ten times more”. Saying that, he opened his armor, brushed it a bit and said to Aurelius ”They go well together, so you better treat them with the same respect I did”. Shining in blue light, Aurelius mounted his white horse and started running towards the castle.

The city of Lorencia was deserted. All that you could see now was ruins, bodies and blood. The castle was partly demolished, and to his surprise, nobody was guarding it. He went inside. “Come in” a deep voice was heard. “I’ve been waiting for you”. A loud scream caught Aurelius's attention and made him look towards the throne. His father was hanging by his head in Kudun’s hand. Compared to the image he had of his dad, the great King, seeing him in Kundun’s hand made his stomach fold like a piece of paper in someone’s fist. With a slow move, Kundun called the Dark Elves. Aurelius fought his way in,shouting at Kundun to let his father go. He twisted and slashed with his new combo and saw how fast the Dark Elves fell beneath his sword. Seeing how fast Aurelius managed to get through his commanders, Kundun grew impatient and angry, threw Aurelius’s father away and lunged into single combat with Aurelius. Aurelius charged at Kundun. He attacked him continuously with his double handed sword. “What is this force that is pushing me so strong?!” Kundun said. “Well, Kundun you see I am different from others, I possessed the power of Kantata and with that, I will combine Marlon's special attack to beat you” Aurelius said. Then, suddenly, with 1 lucky sword stab Kundun was hit!! yes the demon was hit!! Swiiiiiiiiiinggggggggggg!!! a loud noise can be heard throughout the castle. “Arghhh you hit me with one attack but why is it so strong? “Well Kundun that is what I call the COMBO of the KANTATA PLATE SET!” Being hit and sensing his end near, Kundun disappeared in a black fog. The battle was won and Aurelius proved himself with the help of the combo and Kantata Plate as defense and power.

-lore posted in InfinityMU forum event Brave's Uber Set Lore Event Birthday Edition.

Set Parts and Options

The Kantata Plate set is a season 1 set and consist of Armor, Gloves, Boots, Ring of Wind and Ring of Poison. The set can be worn by Dark Knight, Magic Gladiator. The Rings are available for all classes.

Ancient Options Set Excellent Full Options

Double Damage Rate 10%
Increases Skill Attacking Rate +125
Increases Excellent Damage Rate 20%
Increases Critical Damage Rate 20%
Double Damage Rate 10%
Increases Damage +125
Decreases opponent’s defensive rating +15%

Increase Max HP +4%
Increase Max Mana +4%
Damage Decrease +4%
Reflect Damage +5%
Defense Success Rate +10%
Increases Zen After Monster +40%

Set Parts Details


  • You will need to wear 3 parts of the set, with ancient feature, in order to unlock the full ancient options.
  • For perfect result it is recommended to combine it with Rave Plate.
  • The set does not sustain pink options. Check additional options for information regarding yellow options.
  • The full excellent options are available only for the Uber Excellent Kantata Plate set.
  • Ancient Kantata Plate items only come with the ancient options.


Kantata acquisition.png

The Uber Kantata Plate Set can be bought from “Get Uber Set” link, inside Web Shop Menu at www.infinitymu.net.

Also, the set’s parts can be acquired from Web Shop with Credits or Gold Credits. In game, the Excellent Plate parts drop from mobs around iMU maps. The Ancient Kantata Plate parts drop from Kundun and the monsters in Land of Trials. Both Ancient and Excellent parts can be made Semi Uber by adding the necessary jewels. You can check How to make Semi Uber sets if you need any additional information about this process.

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