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The Magic Gladiator is a combination of the Dark Knight and Dark Wizard, and can be unlocked as a new class when your character reaches level 220. He cannot wear a helm, and has four sets of class specific armor though he can also wear many of the Dark Knight and Dark Wizard armor. The Magic Gladiator can run without the need of +5 boots, and swim faster without the need of +5 gloves. Magic Gladiators receive 7 stat points per level, as opposed to the 5 gained by the three basic classes. Magic Gladiators only have one class change to Duel Masters.


Long time ago, a story was told of a clan rising that wielded the sword and has able to master magic. In the ancient times, few men have mastered the art of magic and sword and these savants of might and magic are known as Magic Gladiators. The Magic Gladiators have found the secrets of casting their magic while wearing armor that would encumber any sorcerer. They can also wield blades as good as any knight. Due to their mystical nature they have endless endurance and can run for great distances. Magic Gladiators are also quick learners and advance faster than other classes.

Tips and Tricks

Now before you create a MG / DM think about this.

Pros: Able to switch between melee and range attacks. Able to use dark wizard and dark knight skills. Easy to train even without full option items (level, reset, hunting, repeat, etc etc) Very good damage and presence in PVP / Duel and even Castle Siege defending.


Got low hp which put him on the low corner when it comes to battling other character classes. Once you're full stats your magic is almost USELESS since you don't need all magic spells. You need several items to make him useful at PvP. You will also need Unlocked Achievements to have him owning all classes in PVP with a glance. You need to achieve level 220 with another character before creating an MG.


Duel Master's Combo can be executed by 2 possible skill combinations:

1. Weapon Skill (Power Slash) > Fire Slash > Twisting Slash (STR Combo)

2. Lightning > Inferno > Flame (ENE Combo - Magic)



Unlike GlobalMU, you'll earn tons of point stats and level in seconds. You just need to reset which is not that easy. Good news you're playing the character with the fastest reset rate ( besides Soul Master )

Now your basic skills are.

Warrior Skills

Twisting Slash, Fire Slash, Impale, Power Slash ( You need to find a weapon with such skill since it doesn't come with any orb ) Notice overall your Power Slash is your main skill, either to kill mobs or simply feel the PvP

Magic gladiator using power slash.

Justification ain't needed, the obvious is obvious. However there's a good combo during the PvP which is.

Power Slash -> Fire Slash -> Power Slash. You'll simply touch your opponent with Fire Slash from time on time, this decreases opponent defense ( not really but it helps )

Wizard Skills

Besides that you can use your magic with level purposes only, you can use some of those during pvp to harass and annoy your opponent.

Your best magic spells to harass: Ice, Lightning.

Justification for Ice. Is there a BK chasing you ? Simply ICE him and run away then continue with your simple skills and attacks, notice this works with mobs also. Although this ice is not good as Ice Storm from Soul Master its still good to harass. PS: Useless against ring of ice users.

Justification for Lightning. Is there someone hitting you to death ? Lightning and watch how this dude moves outta his spot. Still good against Lightning Pendant users.

Your best magic spells to level and reset: Evil Spirits and Thunder Storm, there are tons that you can try but Evil Spirits is the best skill specially if you want to afk while doing your lovely reset.

Evil Spirits needs not justification.

Ps: Evil spirits works at InfinityMU to all amounts of agility (unlike other private servers for mu online) and there's none of the so-called "Agility bug" for all characters and spells here at InfinityMU.

Thunder Storm justification is easy. Sexy skill, your own class magic spell. And it attacks on fast rate, however the attack range goes closer to your body such as twisting slash skill.

Pvp Tricks

You got a quick and simple idea about your skills. Let's move on the "PvP" part.

Sadly in order to have a fully functional MG you need to get expensive items and actually more items than the others ( Characters ) By functional i mean in order to get this character into a "decent pvp level" The truth is that you barely won't compete against BK which is highly known for his pvp abilities but with the proper usage you can be more of support in the battle, leave the rest for those BKs.

Your main job is simply harass and hit from the distance, although its not easy but if you master and manage the abilities to keep your opponent far from you, you got the victory or at least you're doing good.

Run > Hit > Run, sounds "stupid" but that's your strategy.

Ps: 1 Vs 1 you'll probably fall down specially vs BKs. Ps2: Reflect damage is your worst nightmare, due to your low HP.

The PvP flow goes like this.

BK > MG DL > MG Summoner >> < MG ( more chance for summoners, but do not lose the hope ) MG > Elf MG <-> SM ( no one kills each other )

Totally disappointing but that's an example on relative 1 Vs 1 power and match. Assume that both characters are equal on items / player knowledge / internet speed.

But as i said this is a character to gang bang your opponent so if your a solo player you're looking at wrong character.

Your best allies on terms of buffs / power ups: BK Because you want your life at maximum !! Elf Because you want maximum attack power, your defense sucks still even with her defense buff so never mind there. SM Because you want to be immortal whatever you want to shot down your opponent without dying.

Sets and Character Build Tricks

About the items. This character focuses all his potential on maximum damage, that goes like this "The best defense is simply to attack your opponent" or ... " If you're dead you cannot kill me"

That's your mantra, gotcha ?

So on general terms pimping your defense up ain't that bad but you're doing it wrong. Unless you plan to battle 1 vs 1 which is not the point on this character, for real.

Set Idea #1

Gaion Set +15 Anubis Gloves +15

Justification: Gaion set with the Anubis gloves and ring provides the maximum attack and damage available for this character That also includes the highest double damage rate from the ancient items ( 25% ) This is your core set if you plan for damage and harassing your enemy harder, however your defense is totally ignored.

My yellow option suggestion for this is 2 items with damage decrement 9% and 2 items with SD rise 7% However you can try full SD which is very good ( SD rise ignores the flinch on your character from opponent's ref ) Unless the opponent gets a weapon with SD Decrease which really hurts you if you follow this build.

PS: screw Myuren set, its not that bad but Gaion with Anubis simply rocks if you compare them both. Ps2: Gaion requires you to equip the Gaion Pendant of Water.

Weapons: Pair imperial sword and Pair Blade of Fire +15 +2 Options ( EDR + id2% ) Blade of Fire because you'll simply need the yellow options eventually to counter your enemy sometimes.

Notice, level 5 socket is a must for your swords. highly suggest this one.

Excellent Dmg Rate Increase, Critical Damage Rate Increase and Increase Attack / Skill Power. However the Increase Attack / Skill power is very debatable, go ahead with your own idea that suits you.

Rings: Any but both with DD and DSR, I highly recommend you to use wizard rings always during the pvp

Justification for DD + DSR rings: Screw REF you need to boost your def even if the boost is useless.

Justification for Wizard Ring: 10% Damage increase, total synergy with your offensive character.


What you simply need.

Set Idea #2

Phantom or Destroyer Set - Defensive Socket Type. This is your core set if you want to stand 1 vs 1 likely or you're facing a hard time with your Ancient set, above mentioned.

The set must be DSR+DD once again, screw the reflect option. You also need to complete your "socketed" set with Damage Reduction, Defense Accuracy Increase and Increase Defense Shield. Level 3 Sockets are a must.

A shield could be included on this category. So your motto is if i cannot kill you, YOU CANNOT KILL ME !

This has 0 synergy with your character but we gotta do anything to live, ain't right ?

Season 4 Set for MG

To conclude in order to get a fully functional MG on PvP matters you need to get different items. Get the one that suits you indeed, but you need both after all.

I didn't mention F.O items, 3 Option items upgrade and Uber / Evil set items. If you manage to get one of those that i mentioned above, your good indeed.

Ps: Getting Wings its obvious, i didn't mention it because its not needed.


There are sets by dark knights and dark wizards which gladiators could equip. But these sets below are the Sets which most magic gladiators use and could only be equipped by Magic gladiators.


This weapons are purely for Magic Gladiator, though there are some weapons for dark wizard and dark knights are able to be equipped by Magic Gladiators. Blades that are only able to be equipped by magic gladiators possesses a skill called Power Slash.