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50 Unique Achievements

5 Achievements Power Buffs

Achievement points increase your Achievements Power Buff. The higher the level, the stronger your character become. Buff affects the following characteristics: Physical Damage, Wizardry Damage, Maximum Life, Critical and Excellent Damage.

Basically, it means, that now you can level-up your Character Achievements and advance your character, further more in damage, defense and health even if you have the best items and full stats - there's more things to do now! Go ahead and level-up your achievements to the 100% and get your character power upgraded further more!

Rewards for completing an achievement is not only the Power Buffs but also per 1,000 Credits for each achievement completion. Credits reward is applied instantly.


Your current Achievement and Power Buff are displayed and updated in the game in real time.

Information about your Achievements and Achievements Power Buff can be viewed ingame by hitting keyboard button "Page Down" for Buffs and "Page Up" for Achievements.

1. Monster Hunter Number of monster that you've kill in all area of MU continent.

2. Golden Monster Hunter Number of Golden Monster that you've defeat, e.g : Golden Tantalos (Tarkan), Golden Lizard King (Atlans), Golden Titan (Devias), Golden Dragon (Lorencia/Noria/Devias) and Golden Goblin (Lorencia/Noria)

3. Kalima Warrior Number of monster that you've kill in Kalima map.

4. White Wizard Hunter Number of White Wizard that you've defeat, spawn at certain time around Lorencia, Noria and Devias.

5. Player Killer Number of Player that you've kill.

6. Dragonslayer Number of Dragon-like mobs that you've defeat, this mobs are : Dragon (Dragon Invasion), Golden Dragon and Golden Budge Dragon (Golden Invasion).

7. Dark Orc Hunter Number of Orcs that you've kill when you encounter White Wizard.

8. Destroy Blood Castle Gate Number of Blood Castle Gate that you've destroyed in Blood Castle event.

9. Success Mix in Chaos Machine Number of how many succeed you upgrading, create or mixing items using Chaos Machine.

10. Chaos Castle Surviver Number of you've succeed survived in Chaos Castle event.

11. Online Addicted Number of hours that you've spent in game.

12. New Jewels Collector Number of new jewels that you've pickup during play ingame, new jewels are : Jewel of Extraction, Jewel of Ancient Harmony, Jewel of Skill, Jewel of Luck, Jewel of Execellent and Jewel of Ancient. (Blood Castle didn't include because the jewel go in your inventory directly)

13. Box of Kundun +5 Collector Number of Box of Kundun +5 that you've pick up from killing Golden Tantalos.

14. Battle Event Killer Number of participants that you've kill during Battle Event ingame.

15. Battle Event Winner Number of win in Battle Event.

16. Combo Master Number of succeeding execute combo. (Combo for all Class!)

17. Monster Points Collector Number of Boss Monster that you've kill ingame, e.g : All Golden mobs, White Wizard, Death King, Dragon, Lord Kundun, and many more. (Basically all Boss Mobs that give you Monster Point)

18. Ancient Colelctor Number of Ancient items that you've pick up. (Ancient items can be found from Lord Kundun's drop and Land of Trials)

19. Duel Winner Number of win from duel with player.

20. Level Up Maniac Number of how many levels that you've gain during play ingame.

21. Reset Up Maniac Number of resets that you've made ingame. (Must reset through NPC Reset Master that required 5 Renas per reset)

22. Devil Square Hunter Number of monster that you've kill in Devil Square event.

23. KILL THE BOSS Number of succeed kill the 'Boss' in Staff's event (GM or EM), this event is PK event where you need to kill the specific Staff, e.g : Kill The Boss, Hunt The Mods, and regular Kill EM at EM's events.

24. Battle Soccer Winner Number of the win that you play in Battle Soccer game.

25. Phonoman Hunter Number of the Phonoman (Player with PK highest level) that you've kill ingame.

26. Dark Elf Hunter Number of the Dark Elf that you've defeat during Crywolf Event.

27. Hell Maine Hunter Number of the Hell Maine that you've defeat during Scavenger Hunt event at Aida, only at Server 3 and 4.

28. Kill in self-defense Number of the kill that you've succeed in defense (attacked by other player first).

29. Lemulia Hunter Number of Lemulia that you've defeat during Scavenger Hunt at Niflheim, only at Server 3 and 4.

30. Lord Kundun Hunter Number of Lord Kundun that you've defeat ingame, can be found at Kalima map and Devil Square 6.

31. Destroy Blood Castle Statue Number of statue that you've destroyed during Blood Castle event.

32. Blood Castle Winner Number of succeed Quest that you've made in Blood Castle event.

33. Grand Reset Up Maniac Number of Grand Reset that you've made during play ingame. (Must do the Grand Reset through NPC Grand Reset Master that required 5 Renas)

34. Demon Prince Hunter Number of Demon Prince that you've kill during Scavenger Hunt, only at Server 3 and 4.

35. Ancalagon Hunter Number of Ancalagon that you've defeat during Scavenger Hunt at Niflheim, only at Server 3 and 4.

36. Dark Phoenix Hunter Number of Phoenix of Darkness that you've kill at Icarus.

37. Kantru Boss Hunter Number of Maya's Hand and Nightmare that you've destroyed during Maya event at Kanturu Relics.

38. Kill Player in Switch Number of kill that you've made in Switch area during Castle Siege.

39. Withstand Switch 300 mins Number of time that you've succeed stay inside Switch area during Castle Siege.

40. Move Player from Crown Number of succeeding push player out from Crown area during Castle Siege.

41. Castle Siege Winner Number of win that you've achieve in Castle Siege.

42. Destroy Siege Statue Number of statue that you've destroy during Castle Siege.

43. Kill Player in Siege Number of player that you've kill during Castle Siege.

44. Erohim Hunter Number of Erohim that you've defeat during Scavenger Hunt at Kanturu, only at Server 3 and 4.

45. Balgass Hunter Number of Balgass that you've defeat during Crywolf Event.

46. Guild War Winner Number of wins that you've gain in Guild War.

47. Newbie Helper Number of players that you've help leveling during party. (You need to be level 400 to gain the point)

48. Rena Collector Number of Rena that you've pick up from dropping Box of Heaven or Orcs from White Wizard invasion.

49. Draconite Collector Number of Draconite that you've pick up during The Draconite Hunter Event, only at Server 1 and 3.

50. Battle Soccer Kills Number of kill your opponent in Battle Soccer game.

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