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The Legionnaire is the highest military position in the old kingdom of Tarkan. These warriors are not only capable of handling swords, but they can also cast powerful spells as well. Only a Magic Gladiator can ascend to the rank of Legionnaire for these warriors can handle swords and perform magic at the same time. The Legionnaires are in charge of the Tarkanian army. They are responsible for the kingdom’s defense system and they command the Paladins in battle. It is said that the Legionnaires are equipped with staff on one hand and a sword on the other, making them superior in terms of combat for they are excellent spell casters and sword fighters. These lethal warriors can kill enemies with one slash and with the right weapon they can hurl a burst of energy that rains heavy damage upon the enemies killing them even before they get close.

These Legionnaires may be fearsome on the battlefield with their skills but their old armors were weak. In order to cover up this flaw, king Ahriman ordered his finest smiths to make a set exclusively for them. A set made from the same element they used for his own set, the element called Silsulphide.

Therefore the Leggionaire set was born. The armor is black, due to the element’s natural color, it has an intricate design with a large shoulder pad that protects the arms and the head of the wearer, for the legionnaires do not wear helmets in order to maximize their vision. Despite looking big and heavy, the Legionnaire set is lighter, stronger, and more durable compared to the old Volcano Armor that they used. A perfect set for the Magic Gladiators that leads the Tarkanian army.

The strength of the Legionnaire set was recorded in history, it is even mentioned by Hermania the queen of Tarkan, in her writings on how a man wearing a black set blocked a cannonball, fired by a pirate ship. Though the Legionnaire warrior flew a few meters from where he was standing, the cannonball didn’t even do any damage. Queen Hermania stated that the cannonball shattered into pieces when it fell to the ground. One unique trait of the Silsulphide is absorbing hits and blows and reflecting the damage back, therefore, the energy of the cannonball was reflected on itself, causing it to shatter easily, like glass.

Even though the old kingdom of Tarkan is long gone, the reputation of the Legionnaire Set still echoes to the present day. Some Magic Gladiators and Duel Masters are lucky to find parts of this rare black set, others are using jewels to upgrade it and refine it to further increase its capability in battle.

- Black edition lore created and written by Ancalagon for InfinityMU community.

Set Parts and Options

The Legionnaire Set is a Black Edition Set and consists of Armor, Pants, Gloves and Boots. The set can be worn by Magic Gladiator.

Set’s Excellent Full Options

Increase Max HP +4%
Increase Max Mana +4%
Damage Decrease +4%
Reflect Damage +5%
Defense Success Rate +10%
Increases Zen After Monster +40%

Set Parts Details



The set’s parts can be acquired from Web Shop at www.infinitymu.net with Gold Credits.

In game, Legionnaire parts drop from Box of Secrets and from Kundun. You can upgrade the items with full excellent options by using Jewel of Excellent.

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