Andromeda Cursed Set

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Andromeda Cursed Set

A king named Cepheus had a daughter named Andromeda with his wife Cassiopeia. Their daughter was so beautiful that Cassiopeia, her mother, claimed her be more beautiful than the sea spirits called Nereids. Poseidon, the god of the Sea, heared of Cassiopeia's arrogant statement of comparison and caused an outrage. The god threatened to attack their homeland and sent upon the sea monster Cetus. On top of it, Poseidon cursed Andromeda and had her tied on to a rock for the monster to ravage.

One day, Perseus, a well known warrior, just happened to pass by Atlans. He saw people running away and went closer to where they came from. When he got to the place, he saw a destroyed city but something caught his eye. A beautiful yet helpless and unclothed woman was about to be devastated by this huge sea monster. Without a second thought, he jumped right in, fought the monster and petrified it using the gorgon Medusa's visual prowess. When the monster was finally slain, he then rushed to unchain this fine figure chiseled by the gods, and immediately covered her with his cloak. Perseus married Andromeda, and promised to protect her for the rest of his life.

Due to the fact that Perseus is a man of the sword, he always had to go to some places far away. Due to this, whenever he's home, he teaches Andromeda all he knows about the bow. Later on it finally came to a point where she's able to protect herself on her own. Even so, Poseidon's curse and threat against her still seem to resurface every once in a while.

Eventually after several years, she died. Due to her being a beautiful and a brave woman, Athena placed her on the heavens as a group of stars. Due to this constellation being so powerful, Hell Maines and Erohims would gather chunks of ores from it and consume it to gain a huge leap in strength. These rocks and ores are called Draconites. A mysterious and skillful Elf kill these particular monsters and collect the Draconites that came from Andromeda's constellation. As some local tavern tales say, this Elf somewhat found a way to infuse the Draconites into her body and has gained Andromeda's beauty and astronomical powers. The bow she wields, as it is said, was made entirely out of Draconites.

Set Parts and Options

The Andromeda Cursed set is an Uber Tier 1 Draco Set and consist of Helm, Armor, Pants, Gloves, Boots and Bow. The set can be worn by Muse Elf and the bow is destined for High Elves.

Ancient Options Set Excellent Full Options Bow Excellent Full Options

Decreases opponent's defense rating +15%
Double Damage Rate 15%
Increases Critical Damage Rate 15%
Increases Excellent Damage Rate 15%
Increase defensive skill when using shield weapons 15%
Increases Maximum Stamina +125

Increase Max HP +4%
Increase Max Mana +4%
Damage Decrease +4%
Reflect Damage +5%
Defense Success Rate +10%
Increases Zen After Monster +40%

Excellent Damage Rate +10%
Increase Wizardry Damage +level/20
Increase Wizardry Damage +2%
Increase Attacking(Wizardry)speed +7
Increases Life After Monster + life/8
Increases Mana After monster +Mana/8

Set Parts Details


  • You will need to wear at least 5 parts of this set in order to unlock the full ancient options.
  • Check additional options for information regarding pink options and yellow options.
  • The full excellent options are available only for the Uber Excellent Andromeda Cursed set.
  • Ancient Andromeda Cursed items only come with the ancient options.


The Uber Andromeda Cursed set can be claimed with 120 Draconites via your account info panel in

Claiming Seth.jpg

The set can also be completed in Excellent only, Ancient only and Semi Uber, in game. The Excellent Cursed parts drop from Lemulia’s Rudebox. The Ancient Andromeda Cursed parts drop from Kundun and the monsters in Land of Trials. Both Ancient and Excellent parts can be made Semi Uber by adding the necessary jewels. You can check How to make Semi Uber sets if you need any additional information about this process.