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Lorencia - the main market and trading venue in InfinityMU. Also ideal for chit-chats and guild member recruitments.

InfinityMU’s market has evolved remarkably throughout the years. It has been one of the key components of the server’s success since the very beginning as it encourages engagements and interactions that bring fun, excitement and different opportunities in the daily life of the infinitians.

Players have a variety of means to market their items. In-game, players can either use their personal store which is designed solely for displaying items (purchase thru zen is disabled), or use the player command /post to have a real-time announcement of what they are selling or buying.

On the other hand, infinitians may also utilize the Market Place in the forum. A section dedicated exclusively for marketing and trading purposes. Each class has its own organized sub-section for an improved browsing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question Answer
1. Where is the best market venue? The best and most popular market venue is Lorencia (capital).
2. What are the currencies being used in-game? Refer to article Currencies
3. How to avoid scams when having a large scale transaction? Refer to article Big Trade Assistance
4. Who can use the /post command? Any player who reaches level 400 can use the command.
5. Who can see announcements made via /post command? Everyone in the server will see the announcement regardless of current instance or location.

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