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Big Trade Assistance or as you know it, BTA, is open to offer the possibility of trading goods that cannot be traded in-game, except for Uber Sets that you can buy directly from Webshop/Get Uber Set.

IMPORTANT: When you donate for the BTA, DO NOT donate on any other account than yours.
If you are asked to donate on any other account, it's best to avoid that user as it can be an attempt to scam.
The trading of the goods will be completed afterward by RESiSTANT. The Big Trade Assistance works like this so that we can avoid confusion/scam.

There are few restrictions though, on a BTA. What is allowed based on your group:

Infinitian - Can trade via BTA anything that implies VD (Via Donation). You or your buyer/seller has to provide goods VD.
VIP - Can trade via BTA anything that implies VD, BTA between Gold Credits/ROWs/Draconites;
SuperVIP & Top Contributor - Can trade via BTA anything that implies VD, BTA between Gold Credits/ROWs/Draconites/Uber Draconite Sets (Tier 1 & Tier 2)

How to do BTA:

IMPORTANT! The trading goods are to be settled in Market Place/PM before the posting of the BTA thread.
The trading goods that consist of items in-game, must be placed in main vault, or the BTA will be canceled.

You need to post a thread in the BTA section that requires the following (copy the exact format):

Title of the BTA Thread Content of the first post (posted by user 1) Content of the second post (posted by user 2)

[Prefix]¹ IGN user 1 x IGN user 2

Seller Offer:
Seller IGN:

Buyer Offer:
Buyer IGN:
+Provide screenshot of the goods that must be in the main vault (vault/GC from profile/receipt of the VD).
IMPORTANT! All your account information has to be covered. >>See this example<<
+Additional information (about desired YO, desired use for VD, etc)
+Waiting for user 2 to accept this BTA

+I agree/disagree with the BTA trade.
+The goods are in main vault
+Screenshot of the goods.
+Additional information (about desired YO, desired use for VD, etc)

Example of BTA thread and content:

Prefix¹ and title Post 1 (posted by user 1) Post 2 (posted by user 2)

[BTA for Rings of Wind] RESiSTANT & Fero

Seller Offer: 350 Winds

Buyer Offer: $25VD
Buyer IGN: Fero

[screenshot of the vaults with the winds]
I want to keep the VD for future use.
Waiting for user 2 to accept this BTA

I agree with the BTA trade.
[Screenshot of receipt with account information covered]

IMPORTANT! The user who makes VD has to buy any item from the webshop/Get Uber Set, with the same value as the VD in the BTA (Example in this case:1x Uber Tier 1 Set).
The goods have to be bought with/in HIS OWN ACCOUNT after both users agreed upon the trade in the BTA thread.
¹ - the prefix is selected from the Prefix box, not typed manually in the Title box.

Guidelines & Strict Regulations:

  • Game donations are made in Webshop/Get Uber Set;
  • BTA trade cannot involve 3 or more accounts;
  • The Winds/Draconites Seller cannot deny or close the BTA request after he already replied that he agrees about the deal unless the Buyer agrees the BTA to be canceled;
  • Character Names (IGN) of both players must be noted in the first post;
  • BTA Requests without ScreenShot of the offer (Winds or Draconites) will be automatically denied;
  • You can sell your Uber Tier 1 & 2 Draconite Set for Rings of Wind/Gold Credits/VD;
  • If you sell your Uber Draconite set via donation, fixed value is 25$ for one T2 Draconite Uber set or 25$ for two T1 Draconite Uber sets;
  • You must be SuperVIP and Top Contributor not only to sell Uber Draconite Sets, but also to buy them, except if you buy via donation, if you want to use any other currency, you must be SuperVIP and Top Contributor;
  • If you sell Uber Draconite set you must e-mail to [email protected] from your e-mail address that holds the game account with the Draconite set. In the e-mail you need to add the BTA thread link and write that you are the owner of the account and that you agree to the BTA trade. If you fail to do so, BTA will be denied;
  • Uber sets & weapons (or money for webshop) that have been won in events and haven't been claimed (added in your vault) can be used in BTA for all user groups as fresh VD.
  • 1 VD can only be used for 1 BTA.

Payment Information:

Send Western Union/ML Kwarta Padala payments to:

First name: Vesela Surname: Georgieva Country: Bulgaria

After sending on Western Union/ML Kwarta Padala please mail us to [email protected] and write to us the MTCN, The sender's name, the sender's country and amount sent and note the URL of your BTA thread.

Paypal payments:

Buy any Uber items from in the equivalent of your BTA agreed amount and note your Forum name in the "InfinityMU Account" input field when paying. Example: Fero(BTA) After payment please send an e-mail to [email protected] with the paypal receipts and your BTA thread. In the thread just mention that you have sent the payment proof and we shall process your BTA request after the proof has been validated.

IMPORTANT! Do not share any personal information like account name, account e-mail, passwords, receipt information, transaction IDs, in your BTA thread or anywhere/to anyone. If you do it in the BTA thread, the account information must be covered. >>See this example<<

This initiative is available only because we want to make InfinityMU better a place for those who can't afford to donate but would like to have goods in exchange for their Winds or Draconites collected in-game. Good Luck and Make good use!

If something is not clear to you please contact RESiSTANT via PM -> Click here

- Thank You, The InfinityMU Team