Eplete Scale Set

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Eplete Scale Set

Eplete Scale Set was worn by a warlord. His bravery and skills were both unmatched. When he died of old age, his sons kept his armor and shield with them and used them in battles in his honor.

Set Parts and Options

The Eplete Scale set is a season 1 set and consist of Helm, Armor, Pants, Shield and Pendant if Lightning. The set can be worn by Dark Knight, Magic Gladiator and Dark Lord. The Shield can be worn my Elf also, and the pendant is available for all classes.

Ancient Options Set Excellent Full Options

Increase defensive skill wen using shield weapons 15%
Increases Critical Damage Rate 20%
Increases Excellent Damage Rate 20%
Double Damage Rate 20%
Decreases opponent’s defense rating +15%
Inrease damage when using two handed weapons +20%

Increase Max HP +4%
Increase Max Mana +4%
Damage Decrease +4%
Reflect Damage +5%
Defense Success Rate +10%
Increases Zen After Monster +40%

Set Parts Details


  • You will need to wear 3 parts of the set, with ancient feature, in order to unlock the full ancient options.
  • The Gloves and Boots from this Set do not contain ancient feature. They can be acquired with Full Excellent options by request when donating for Uber Eplete Scale Set or with Credits or Gold Credits from InfinityMu’s Web Shop. For perfect result it is recommended to combine it with Berserker Scale.
  • The set does not sustain pink options. Check additional options for information regarding yellow options.
  • The full excellent options are available only for the Uber Excellent Eplete Scale set.
  • Ancient Eplete Scale items only come with the ancient options.


Eplete acquisition.png

The Uber Eplete Scale Set can be bought from “Get Uber Set” link, inside Web Shop Menu at www.infinitymu.net.

Also, the set’s parts can be acquired from Web Shop with Credits or Gold Credits. In game, the Excellent Scale parts drop from mobs around iMU maps. The Ancient Eplete Scale parts drop from Kundun and the monsters in Land of Trials. Both Ancient and Excellent parts can be made Semi Uber by adding the necessary jewels. You can check How to make Semi Uber sets if you need any additional information about this process.

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