Draconite Hunter Event

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"Tell me how does it feel when you got her.
Tell me does your heart flutter?

I did my best, but someone took her away.
Do I have to find another place or should I just stay?

I know I have to move on,
I know that she's taken; she's gone.

She's more precious than any jewels, any rings.
And I know soon I'll fly her away with my wings!

I'll get her next time; when the time is right!
Maybe tomorrow, maybe tonight.

Lemulia, Ancalagon, Hellmaine, Erohim! I will take them on a fight!
Just to see you again, my precious Draconite. "

-theFLip, InfinityMU Author, September 2019 edition

The Draconite Hunter Event is an InfinityMU big game event available for the active hardcore infinitians looking to hunt big powerful bosses and gear up with high detailed sets and weapons.

What is a "Draconite" and what can you buy with it?

Draconite (or Draco) is a new game currency available only in InfinityMU with which you can buy unique Uber Sets & Weapons from your account info panel in www.infinitymu.net.

Draconite image Draconite Lore

A Draconite, also known as a "dragon-stone", was a stone that is extracted from the skull of a deceased dragon. The stone was rather plain-looking: a dark glossy gray. In its raw form it had crystals around it, but even in its raw form part of it often looked polished already.

Where can I get Draconite?

Draconite Bosses

Players must hunt the bosses in the automated invasions called “The Draconite Hunter Event has started!" from the following maps: Niflheim, Aida and Kanturu at servers Necron (1) and Odin (3) only.
The raid bosses are: Lemulia and Ancalagon in Niflheim, HellMaine in Aida, Erohim in Kanturu.

Event Duration: 10 minutes. 

Your character name will be officially announced in the server once you kill the bosses.

Invasions occurs 4 times / day (6 hours respawn time)

UTC+3 01:30 / 07:30 / 13:30 / 19:30


50 Monster Points and Draconite stones dropped by Bosses. 10 Monster Points and Sign of Lord dropped by Demon Prince. The Draconite stones can be exchanged for the exclusive Draconite Sets. Lemulia also drops Lemulia's Rudebox from which you can get the excellent Draconite items which you can turn into Semi Uber Draconite sets. These excellent Draconite items can be upgraded with Jewel of Excellent up to 3 excellent options.

The Draconite sets (also known as "Draco sets" in game) from this event cannot be obtained via donation or webshop and it's a feature available only for our dedicated players!

Bonus: you can receive this special permanent forum tag if you collect 4 Sets! (by request via forum PM to our Administrator RESiSTANT)

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