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Devias, a small city with a population of around 200 people, has stayed away and in hiding from the MU universe. Even though Devias is a very small town, it is considered as the most dangerous town in the MU universe. Crimes are being committed every day. People steal goods in order for them to live, sometimes people get desperate therefore there is a high rate of criminality. This has been the life of all the citizens on Devias. A lot of travelers have stated that Devias is the land of all Evil. Due to this, Devias remained hidden, avoided, and somehow deserted.

Nicholas, a teenage boy, hated this lifestyle. As Nicholas and his family went to buy goods on the market, his parents were killed by unknown criminals who wanted to steal their goods and their money. After this incident, Nicholas went in hiding. A year has passed, he lived alone in a cave located in the deepest part of Devias. Nicholas was frustrated and wanted to solve this long time problem of his hometown, but he didn't know how. So he stayed away as far as possible from Devias, returning only in town to buy food and whatever was needed for his daily life. One day, as it was snowing really hard in Devias, Nicholas saw a lady holding her reindeer, struggling to get by due to the intense snowstorm. He offered to the lady that she can stay in his place for the time being until the storm pass. What Nicholas didn't know is that the lady is a priestess with unique abilities and powers. The Priestess was named Sevina, and she and Nicholas talked for hours. Sevina shared that before they met, she stayed in Devias for a week and haven't seen a single soul willing to put others first than their own interests. Sevina said to Nicholas that Devias was full of greedy, unworthy, and desperate people and will never be saved by this crisis, but Nicholas disagreed. He said that his grandfather, Lawrence, the captain of the military, once said that Devias was once a quiet and peaceful city. A city where people are safe and secured. The crisis of Devias started when a group of Yetis invaded the city. The City never regained its status back and was turned into a wasteland. Nicholas told Sevina that one day, he will change the city and bring back the smile of his people. With these words, the priestess was moved. She offered a special mission to Nicholas. Sevina said: "Find people who are willing to put other's safety first, who you think will be admired by many, who are nice not only to people but all the living souls in the city, who are trustworthy to lead, and whose angelic enough to see the good in all things. I will give you an extraordinary power, a Magical Suit that can create the most desirable things a human will ever think of. Give these kinds of people what they desire Nicholas, she added. From now on, you will be named S.A.N.T.A. As the storm passed the priestess said goodbye but before the priestess left, she left her magical and most loyal reindeer named Rudolph, and said to Nicholas, you will be the Symbol of Hope. After this encounter, Nicholas went around the City of Devias finding all the good people throughout a year and give them their materialistic desires once a year on the same day the priestess showed up, which was considered the coldest day in Devias. Due to the mission given by the priestess to Nicholas, Devias went back to its old status where people are doing good, treating each other well, and a city where people are always smiling. As time goes by, the suit was handed to numerous trusted people giving hope to others. It is said, whoever uses the magical suit will be strong enough to become the people's hope and sturdy enough to withstand all evildoers. Up until now, people of Devias are seeing a person riding his/her sleigh, guided by a reindeer, and giving out gifts to good people on the coldest day of Devias.

-entry submitted by hahakeeu in the Wiki Writer Event, Spring Edition 2020.

Set Parts and Options

The Santa Set is a special InfinityMU Set and consist of Helm, Armor, Pants, Gloves and Boots with an exclusive design. The set can be worn by any class.

Set’s Excellent Full Options

Increase Max HP +4%
Increase Max Mana +4%
Damage Decrease +4%
Reflect Damage +5%
Defense Success Rate +10%
Increases Zen After Monster +40%

Set Parts Details


  • The set can pe upgraded with Yellow Option(YO). Check additional options for information regarding yellow options this set could have.
  • You can upgrade the items with full excellent options by using Jewel of Excellent.
  • The Santa Set is among the best sets of InfinityMU, defence related.


In game, Santa parts drop from the yearly Bad Santa Invasion Event available during Christmas time.