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When Nicolas, the trusted bearer of the SANTA set, finished his mission on Devias, he began to roam the whole MU Continents using his trusted reindeer. He noticed that not only the city of Devias was in ruins but also most of the part of the whole MU Continents. As the bearer of the Santa Set, he decided that his mission was not only for Devias but also the whole MU Continents.

He started changing things. Changing the way people live, helping them achieve peace, and letting them see that everything can turn out to be good. He was doing this for about 20 years. What they did not know is that day by day Nicolas was slowly consumed by the darkness he experienced. He started showing signs that he was not worthy anymore of the gift given by Priestess Sevina. He decided to search for the priestess to return the set as he saw himself not worthy of it anymore. He traveled back to Devias together with his reindeer in search of the deepest caves where he thought Priestess Sevina was staying. As he was traveling the mountain side of Devias he stumbled upon a crippled girl who was trying to pick cold fruits from the ground and who was seemed lost. He decided that this was his last mission, to return the girl back to the city to make sure she won't die freezing. They ended up traveling together for about 5 days. He hunted food for them to eat, searched shelter for them to live, and created fire for them to warm up. As they reached the city of the girl, they bid their farewells and Nicolas went up again to the mountain side of Devias to continue searching for the priestess. It took him for about 2 weeks untill he saw her. As he reached out to her and gave his set, Priestess Sevina smiled. She asked "Why did you return the set?". He answered "I dont seem worthy anymore of the set you have given me, please look for another worthy beings who could wear the gift you once have given me" . Then Priestess Sevina said to him, "No, You have never changed Nicolas, You were the same man I saw few years back. You see, I was the crippled girl who you helped. Many people passed by me but didnt even bother to help. You have a unique trait. You had faith. You had faith that the world will turn out to be good. You believed that one day, it may not be you, but someone will stand up and help the world achieve peace" . Nicolas was speechless. You see, you only did one mistake. You didnt asked help, she added. You took everything as your own personal mission. Then Priestess Sevina went to rudolph and said, hey there old friend. Nicolas was so tired that the moment they finished talking fell asleep. As he woke up, Priestess Sevina was gone and so as Rudolph but next to him was a letter saying "You see Nicolas, Rudolph was not only a reindeer but a gift as well. Use this, ask for help and search for the worthy". He then saw this Reddish colored set next to his own Santa Set. They say that Nicolas wasn't able to wear the Santa set again but he was able to find 2 worthy people to wear them. As time went by, the two sets drifted apart. Stolen from city to city. But stories have said that the sets have their own mind, they were stolen for a reason. They say the bearer of the Rudolph set is as determined and passionate as Nicolas was to find peace. One day, those two sets and those two worthy bearers will meet again and will save and help the MU Continent achieve PEACE.

- lore created and written by hahakeeu for InfinityMU community in the Summmer Edition of the Wiki Writer Event.

Set Parts and Options

The Rudolf Set is a special InfinityMU Set and consist of Helm, Armor, Pants, Gloves and Boots with a cute and exclusive design. The set can be worn by any class.

Set’s Excellent Full Options

Increase Max HP +4%
Increase Max Mana +4%
Damage Decrease +4%
Reflect Damage +5%
Defense Success Rate +10%
Increases Zen After Monster +40%

Set Parts Details



In game, Rudolf parts drop from BOK+5 and Kundun. You can upgrade the items with full excellent options by using Jewel of Excellent.