Jewel of Guardian

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Where can it be Found?

Well Jewel of Guardian (a.k.a JOG) drops in Land Of Trials (LOT) and Kalima 7

What is Jewel of Guardian?

It is a jewel that is used in LVL 380 items, the item must be +4 or more and the SD is applicable only for PVP.


How to use it?

Go to Noria.

Talk to Chaos Goblin (180x103).

And Push The Last Option "Item Option Combination".

Put An 380 Level Option Item (Example: Dragon Knight, Volcano, Sylphid, Sunlight, Venom Mist)


And add this items: 1x Jewel of Harmony 1x Jewel of Guardian then push Combine. And its DONE!

Pink Options


SD Recovery Rate increase +20 Defense Success Rate increase +10


SD Auto Recovery

Defense Success Rate increase +10


Defensive Skill +200

Defense Success Rate increase +10


Max HP increase +200

Defense Success Rate increase +10


Max SD increase +700

Defense Success Rate increase +10


Additional Damage +200

Attack Success Rate increase +10


  • Each part has different pink options.
  • You cannot add, remove or change the pink options.
  • If you succeeded in putting Pink options in your item, the necessary pink options will be permanent.