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Credit Points is an currently used in the InfinityMU's WebShop system to purchase items and services. There's two kinds of "Credit Points" a.k.a "Premium Credit Points".

One is Credits, and other one is Gold Credits which difference between is that Gold Credits value is double.

* Credits and Gold Credits could be earned in various ways:

1. Monster Points (by Looting Golden Monsters and Monster Bosses such as Kundun Relics, Erohim and Hell Maine);

2. Default Game Events (Blood Castle, Devil Square, Chaos Castle & Battle Event);

3. Announced Game Events and Competitions in Forum

4. Daily In-Game Events hosted by Game Masters & Event Masters;

5. Exchange your online hours spend in-game via WebShop

6. Vote Reward System

7. Level Reset

8. Grand Reset System

9. Referral System

10. Donate to help maintaining the server to pay its monthly bills

  • You can spend your Credits and Gold Credits for Full Options Items, Add or Edit Harmony/Yellow Options, Change Name, Change Class, Buy Resets and Buy Stat Points