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Main shopping place for items and player services. You can use the InfinityMU WebShop System to buy items and take adventage of many unique options

Webshop Tools

Get Items

In this section the players can select the item they desire. By picking the desired item options one by one player customizes his item. Each option selected costs credits. After clicking on the options you wish to have, simply select a payment method to buy your item either through normal credits, or through gold credits. The difference is that with Gold Credits the price of an Item will be discounted with 10% due that players who are purchasing Gold Credits as reward for their payment (Get Gold Credits on the left side menu from the webshop at www.infinitymu.net/webshop).

Get Uber Set

In this section the players browse through the catalogues of different kinds of sets, and if it's for their liking, choose the set they wish and proceedes with payments and therefore helping our server.

Payment options are as follows;

  • Western Union
  • Money Gram
  • PayPal
  • WebMoney (upon request via [email protected] we will give you unique WMZ purse where you can send funds)

Paypal account holders can quickly buy the sets they wish simply by clicking the Proceed Checkout button under each set.

Please note that all Uber Items are processed manually. This means that your items will take up to several hours to arrive in vault.

Store Box

In this place the players can see through their previously bought items, and assing the items they have newly bought from Get Items menu to place the item in their in-game vault.


Warehouse is the place where the players can see through their main vault without the need of logging in to the game. Warehouse is also the place where players can upgrade their existing items through using the [Upgrading Items] option.

Get Points

Players who does not wish to tire themselves and wasting their times with leveling up as the game originaly has intended on them can use this place to buy arttribute points to their characters. Game points can only be bought with Gold Credits

Get Resets

Players who, for some reason, lacks necessary reset count can pay gold credits to buy resets to their characters.


Players that have violated the rules of our server and got their account blocked has one last chance for play with that game account. In this case, to say "sorry" to the community players need to donate to the server.

Change Name

Changing the name allows the players to change the name of their characters, if they are not satisfied with it for any reason. The new name must be from 4 to 10 characters long and contain only the following allowed symbols: a-zA-Z0-9_@#$&[]()-.! Changing name can only be accomplished through gold credits.

Change Class

Players that are not satisfied by their current class of their characters, they can pay with gold credits to change their character classes.

  • Please note that the players whom wishes to change their character classes are advised to remove all their current equipment to prevent item losses.

Exchange Hours

Players gets rewarded and thanked for the time they spare for our servers via at this service. For each hour a player spends in game, in this section they can exchange those hours for credits.

Get Gold Credits

In this place players can see an extended explanation and choice of payment services for normal and gold credits. Simply by clicking on a desired payment option's logo, players can proceed with their payment options.

Vote and Reward

Players who helps and supports our servers can use this short link to quickly access to our voting pannel. Benefits are mutual for both and the server, however, that while our server is known and becomes more famous, the players who has voted for us gets rewarded by credits for each successful vote.

Back to the Main Page

Players can use this quick link to quickly go back to the home page of our server, to costumise their accounts, check the news or to check Castle Siege schedule.