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Duel Start
HP&SD Display
New Command
Global Message display

Basic Information

Every player starts with 10 Duel points at the begining of the month.

Every victory will grant you 2 Duel Points while a defeat will substract 2 points from your total duel point.

If your points drop to 0 "zero" you won't be able duel anymore until points reset the following month.

We now support a maximum of 4 duel rooms.
If all of them are occupied you need to wait for a duel to finish before you can compete in the arena. Player Health (HP) and Shield Defense (SD) values are displayed on the screen in real time with exact values. You can check your character information as well as other players information with our new command : /info "PlayerName" > Example : /info RESiSTANT. This command will grant you information such as Player Level, Resets, Grand Resets & Duel Points.

You may not warp out of Duel Room while Duel is active.
Canceling the duel will result in loosing 2 Duel Points.
If both players stop fighting the duel will be auto cancelled and no points will be taken or acquired.
Global Message announcing the result of the duels.

Video of the Duel System

(May 8, 2017 Game Update)

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