Duel System

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== New Duel System ==

(May 8, 2017 Game Update)

Duel Start
HP&SD Display
New Command
Global Message display

== Infinity MU Duel Rooms ==

Basic Information:

-Every player starts with 10 Duel points at the begining of the month

-Every victory will grant you 2 Duel Points while a defeat will substract 2 Duel points from your score

-If your points drop to 0 "zero" you won't be able duel anymore until points reset the following month

-We now support a maximum of 4 duel rooms. If all of them are occupied you need to wait for a duel to finish before you can compete in the arena

-Player Health (HP) and Shield Defense (SD) values are displayed on the screen in real time with exact values

-You can check your character information as well as other players information with our new command : /info "PlayerName" > Example : /info RESiSTANT

This command will grant you information such as Player Level, Resets, Grand Resets & Duel Points

-You may not warp out of Duel Room while Duel is active

-Canceling the duel will result in loosing 2 Duel Points

-If both players stop fighting the duel will be auto cancelled and no points will be taken or acquired

-Global Message announcing the result of the duels

Video of the new Duel System