Balgass Barracks

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Frost Mace

A New map that comes with the Season 3. It can be entered through Crywolf by talking to a NPC [Werewolf Quarrel] ( 63,238 ). This map has been introduced because of the [Third Class Quest]. This map is also a training ground for players who wants to boost their characters to full stats.


Balram Soram Death Spirit
300px-Crywolf-Balram.jpg 300px-Crywolf-Soram.jpg 300px-Crywolf-DeathSpirit.jpg
Spirit of Balram responsible of supporting unit attacks from the rear. Hits with a fast-moving force. Because of movement restrain the tactic faces, the armor this spirit wears is very light. Its bow is specialized in strength allowing Balram to inflict deep damage, it can also neutralize the attack power of elves. Front lines Fallen Angel, allows its enemies to get close enough to land a deadly strike with its hammer. With its enormous size, the Soram instigates fear in any man who dares approaches him. Despite carrying a heavy and uncomfortable armor he is a master of repeatedly twisting attacks, by swinging its weapon fire consumes an opponent's breath of life. Forbidden to freely use magic as any other wizard, this spirit has the ability to drain an enemy's mana and stamina.
Monster Stat: Monster Stat: Monster Stat:
Monster Level 132 Monster Level 134 Monster Level 134
Stamina 140000 Stamina 164000 Stamina 95000
Minimal Striking Power 1075 Minimal Striking Power 1200 Minimal Striking Power 600
Maximum Striking Power 1140 Maximum Striking Power - Maximum Striking Power 650
Defensive Power 885 Defensive Power 982 Defensive Power 500
Defense Success Rate 440 Defense Success Rate 500 Defense Success Rate 397
Dark Elf Commander
CryWolf's heart of battle. Each unit commander and manager has its own role in the battlefield. Dark Elves instead of an offensive are responsible for treating the wounded troops.
Monster Stat:
Monster Level 135
Stamina 1000000
Minimal Striking Power 800
Maximum Striking Power 800
Defensive Power 650
Defense Success Rate 370

Non Player Characters

Non-Playable Characters (NPC) found on this Map are:

Non-Player Character Coordinates
Lumen the Barmaid -
Apostle Devin -
Werewolf Quarrel -