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:: Unique Balance Mu Online Class vs Class System ::

We, at InfinityMU, are proud to announce the character class PVP balance has been reached out and works individually for any class vs class and possibly developed further more to reach unbelieve results that will change for good MU Online PVP in order for every character class to enjoy real and perfect PVP balanced gameplay.

The system introduction:

  • DKvsDK
  • DKvsDW
  • DKvsELF
  • DKvsMG
  • DKvsDL

  • DWvsDW
  • DWvsDK
  • DWvsELF
  • DWvsMG
  • DWvsDL

  • ELFvsELF
  • ELFvsDK
  • ELFvsDW
  • ELFvsMG
  • ELFvsDL

  • MGvsMG
  • MGvsDK
  • MGvsDW
  • MGvsELF
  • MGvsDL

  • DLvsDL
  • DLvsDK
  • DLvsDW
  • DLvsELF
  • DLvsMG

InfinityMU PvP servers are configured each class vs class to have its own damage percent. For example we have decreased the damage done by DW to MG with 40% because Magic Gladiator has very weak defense imunity against Dark Wizard. This helped us individually to filter the bad PVP between MG and DW. Also we have done changes on the situation MG vs MG and we reached out the perfect possible balance -> No more fast kills between same class. Further more we have done several other settings for each class vs class formula to fit perfect balance in terms of PVP.

This was made possible by several weeks of testing by InfinityMU Team in various Item Combinations & PVP conditions + this new balance class vs class system. We will develop further more to reach the beyond perfection while we take in consideration Items, Harmony Options, Latency, Potting Speed and the actual experience and skills of an player! We keep in touch with most pro players ingame and testing PVP between all classes on daily base.