Level Reset

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Reset system in-game window
Reset Master NPC Lorencia
Reset Master NPC Stadium

A Level reset is a process in which a character's level is set to 1 while keeping all of the previously gained stats and skills. Level resets are done in game at reset master NPC. Upon reaching 100 resets a player may choose to commit to a Grand Reset;.

Level Reset via In-game NPC


  • Lorencia 130 133 (Just outside of the bar) and Stadium 61 41 (in the safe zone situated in the middle of the map).


  • Minimum Level of 300, bonus points added when above 300
  • 5 Rena. Quickest way to obtain is by dropping Box of Heaven.
  • 800000 zen


  • Points gained after reset is Reset Count x 1000. (For example 17th Reset will reward 17,000 Stat Points)
  • Earn 5 Gold Credits for each reset.