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Game Assistance Services.

About Help Section.

The Help Section is a place dedicated to helping all InfinityMU members with their in-game and forum issue. It is the first place new members come to when they have a problem, so please be courteous at all times. You will get support from both staff members, and experienced members. Nothing you ask is a stupid question, so please, don't be ashamed to ask.

Before opening a new thread, please read through this article, and maybe you'll find the answer to your question before you even ask it!

Good luck.

How to change your Password.

Follow these steps:

1. Log in with your account at the InfinityMU Website using your account details

2. Click on "Account Settings"

3. Input your current password and then your new password.

How to Recover your Password or Account.

For those who forgot their in-game password or account, kindly follow the steps below:

1. Go to InfinityMU Official website.

2. Under the Account Panel click "Forgot Password".

3. Type in your account name or password and click submit button.

4. After requesting the password recovery, you will receive an email with a confirmation link.

5. After you've clicked the confirmation link, you will be redirected to reset password to a new one.

How to add Stats Points In-Game

1. Just type this following:

  • /addstr x
  • /addagi x
  • /addvit x
  • /addene x
  • /addcom x

2. Example: /addstr 5000

Note: You may add if how many amount do you want. You could also easily add points from the InfinityMU Website using your account panel.

Lost Account details.

In case you forgotten your email address or the password for it please, Fill up this form: InfinityMU 24/7 Support Ticket System'

You have to write the following information:

- Which account detail you have lost (username or email address)

- Email address (if you lost your username) or Username (if you lost your email address)

- 2 to 3 character names in the account

- If possible, please provide screenshot of the character selection screen

- If possible, please provide proofs of donation

Lost Item Retrieval.

If you have lost your items due to an accident, lag, disconnection, or anything similar to those cases, please fill up the InfinityMU 24/7 Support Ticket System and wait for an administrator.

You should supply the following information:

- Reason of item disappearance:

- Items that were lost (including options and upgrade level):

- A brief explanation of how you lost your items:

- Evidence: [Kindly refer to this thread for the required evidence: How to create screenshot]

- Do you have a pilot (someone else who using your account)?

- Character Name:

- Account Username:

- Donation Details (If the items lost were donated):

- Contact email:

Please be reminded that items which is not purchased from our Web Shop] is not refund-able.

Reporting an Abusive Player.

If you spot a player who is breaking the rules, make sure you report him! Of course, you need to have proof that the player is really breaking the rules.

To report a player, you need to fill up the Report Player form

You would need the following information to file your report:

1. Offender's Character Name:

2. Reason why you have reported said character:

3. Evidence (which may come in form of a screenshot or a video):

Please note that biased reports or reports based on fake proof will be punished.

Additional Helpful Guides.

Now that we have the important things out of the way, here's a few more guides and links to help you out in case you need help:

Ban Appeal.

For any ban complains and so on please create a thread in Ban Appeal Section with the title "[Ban Appeal]" and follow the format of Ban Appeal Format.

Character Transfer System.

Fill up this form: Character Transfer System You will need the following information:

- Previous Server

- Previous Server EXP

- Character Name on previous server and screen shot

- InfinityMU character names

- Reason why you wanna transfer to InfinityMU

Trade-Related Assistance

Main Section now will be called Big Trade Assistance

1. BTA: Request Format follow up this to learn how to get assisted by Admin/GM.

2. Big Trade Assistance Rules just make sure to read this before ask for assistance. :-)

Proofs Needed For A Certain Report In-Game


Proof Needed (SCREEN SHOTS):

  • Character Name of the scammer
  • Screen shot of conversation
  • Screen shot of the items and their options
  • Screen shot of you getting scammed

Hack Site Advertisers

Proof Needed (SCREEN SHOTS):

  • Name of the Character
  • Screen shot of what he/she is advertising (we don't accept edited screenshots)

Staff Impersonators

Proof Needed (SCREEN SHOTS):

  • Name of Character
  • Screen shot of impersonating a InfinityMU staff member
  • Screen shot of him/her asking for account details/something private. (we don't accept edited screenshots)

Third Party Program Users

Proof Needed:

  • (SCREEN SHOTS/VIDEO (more preferred) (we don't accept edited screenshots)

Language Abusers

Proof Needed (SCREEN SHOTS):

  • Name of Character
  • Screen shot of abusive language (racism, trash talking, obscene language, bad lang and etc)

All proofs must not be edited in any way.