Land Of Trials

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Land of Trials Map

Map whose entrance is awarded to the Castle Siege Lords, this map is an independent hunting ground and regular players will be restricted from access unless the alliance holding the castle allows it. The area is filled with different types of high level monsters and drops range from jewels to ancient and excellent items.

Basic settings

- Click the guard NPC to enter to the Land of Trials.

- The Castle Lord and his guild members can enter the zone without restrictions.

- Regular players who do not belong to the Castle Lord's Guild or Allies may be restricted from entering the map depending on the Castle Lord's setting.

- Using the warp command or M key is not applicable in the Land of Trials. (Entrance coordinates Valley of Loren: 140, 101)

- When a player gets killed in the Land of Trials, he will re-spawn in Valley of Loren.



The Castle Lord can charge an entrance fee through the guard NPC or restrict players from entering the Land of Trials.


  • Enables/Disables access for regular players' entry to the Land of Trials
  • Setting for entrance fee for regular characters. The Castle Lord and his guild members can enter the map without restriction.


Axe Warrior

Axe Warrior
Monster Level 75
Stamina 11500
Minimal Striking Power 225
Maximum Striking Power 290
Defensive Power 195
Defense Success Rate 125

A Warrior-type monster that also stands as the guard of the Land of Trials.

Lizard Warrior

Lizard Warrior
Monster Level 78
Stamina 15000
Minimal Striking Power 270
Maximum Striking Power 320
Defensive Power 210
Defense Success Rate 140

The Lizard Warrior used to live in the Land of Trials. It became deformed after being cursed by Erohim. The Lizard Warrior brutally attacks its enemies and eats their remains.

Poison Golem

Poison Golem
Monster Level 84
Stamina 25000
Minimal Striking Power 375
Maximum Striking Power 425
Defensive Power 275
Defense Success Rate 190

The Poison Golems disappeared after being cursed by Erohim and were reborn in the swamps where they became mutated with the swamp's poison. They guard the Land of Trials with their strength and poisonous attack.

Queen Bee

Queen Bee
Monster Level 92
Stamina 34500
Minimal Striking Power 489
Maximum Striking Power 540
Defensive Power 360
Defense Success Rate 240

The Queen Bee was resurrected by Erohim's power. She was born after drinking Bala's blood and sucks the blood of her victims. She has killed many adventurers and has been called the mother of all monsters in the land.

Fire Golem

Fire Golem
Monster Level 102
Stamina 55000
Minimal Striking Power 560
Maximum Striking Power 600
Defensive Power 550
Defense Success Rate 310

This monster has a powerful attack skill called the stone crusher. The Fire Golem's heart is like a huge furnace, burning intensely and demolishing anything in its path. It will enslave any adventurer who makes the mistake of stepping in the Land of Trials.

Erohim (Boss Class)

Monster Level 128
Stamina 300000
Minimal Striking Power 1020
Maximum Striking Power 1120
Defensive Power 830
Defense Success Rate 473

Long, long ago, Erohim committed a brutal murder, killing his master Bala. With this grave sin, he was sentenced to be locked up in the Land of Trials for all eternity. He has ruled the Land of Trials and resurrected the bodies of its residents by using the Jewel of Guardian. He aims to expand his empire across the whole MU continent with his undead troops.

Monsters Location